24 FEBRUARY 1866, Page 2

the nation prove to a demonstration that he has violated

the Con- stitution, so on the 22nd inst. a Royal decree was read adjourning made no impression on the squires. They saw that all the of scarcity and the regular interval, and then we presume the Houses will be called owners as shall probably have done something which may modify the together to be adjourned again. Before that time Count von Biz- mark will nnattacked that the power to slaughter infected or suspected cattle elections, for he is, it appears, determined to settle the question of given, and that accordingly they ought to pay for this power by the Duchies, and has offered Vienna a price which has been a cattle rate. But they were determined to throw the expense on accepted, or has not been. The Duchies digested, the Count will probably commence preparations for another meal, possibly of –first in their rates, and then in rise of price, —and there was no Saxony, more probably of Hanover. organization or energy in the House to resist them.