24 FEBRUARY 1950, Page 14

In the Garden A very pleasing little pocket garden anthology,

My Garden's Scrap Book, has been issued by the editors of My Garden (the most literary of the garden papers) who half suggest that such a book may at times be a "substitute for manual labour in the garden." On the whole gardening becomes less laborious, even without substituting the alternative of literature. Even in the smallest country-house gardens one sees at work mechanically driven ploughs and rotary cultivators and hoes ; and much the most laborious of all garden jobs becomes unpopular, to wit, deep trenching or double digging. A good deal of weeding (of the sort commended by Kipling) is a thing of the past, so efficient are the newer, more or less harmless, poisons, at any rate on lawns and gravel or " crazy " paths. And now we are being urged to do no digging at all! The trouble here is that the ahernative is more laborious. The making of the right sort of compost and spreading it evenly over the surface is not so