24 FEBRUARY 1950, Page 2

Cardinal Griffin and the Schools

The pastoral letter issued by Cardinal Griffin and read in all Roman Catholic Churches last Sunday has a significant bearing on the vigorous and highly-organised demand for more public money for Roman Catholic schools. The Cardinal's declaration is as explicit as words can make it. "We Catholics," it states, "believe that our Church is the one true Church founded by Jesus Christ, whose Vicar on earth, His Holiness the Pope, speaks with an infallible voice when defining doctrines. . . . A call for reunion means an invitation to all non-Catholics to join the one true Church. It means, in other words, submission to the authority of the Holy See." This, of course, is totalitarianism pure and simple. A Church is perfectly entitled to be totalitarian. But it is clearly a very different matter when taxpayers, the vast majority of whom would firmly repudiate the doctrine voiced by Cardinal Griffin, are asked to bear the whole cost of schools where the doctrine is inculcated. That is altogether too much to ask.