24 JANUARY 1857, Page 9



The demand for money in the discount-market and; at the Bank has been moderate all the week, and loans have been effected with much greeter facility at an average rate of 51 per cent. The English Funds opened on Monday at a decline upon the closing prices of Saturday, and still continue depressed : the fluctuation has been between 931 and 94. The large amount of gold which has been daily withdrawn from the Bank for transmission to the Continent, has in a great measure tended to prevent any rise in Consols, as it was somewhat anticipated that the Bank Directors would have had recourse to still further restrictive measures. That, however, appears not to have been deemed necessary : and, at the breaking-up of the Court yesterday, a much firmer tone was for some time produced in the market. Consols advanced 3-16; and a considerable amount of business was done at 931 94. The quotation today is again lower-931 931. The business of the whole week has been extremely limited. Exchequer Bills are a shade firmer. Bank Stook has been done today at 217j; the quotation remaining 216 218. Reduced, 93/ 94; New Three per Cents,

n the Foreign Market, Securities have been dull at about previous rates.

Turkish Six per Cents leave off at 941 95k; the New Four per Cent Guaranteed, firm at 1031 103/, the closing price. An advance of fully 11. per cent has been established in the price of Sardinian ; that stock is now dealt in at 89 91. Spanish Inactive, 40 41; Certificates, sa 51. Very little business has been done in Railway, Shares; but prices generally, are lower. Great Western closes at 651, to 66; Midland, 821 1 ; Lancashire and Yorkshire, 1061 ; South-Western, 531 a. London and Brighton have improved about 11 per cent-112 to 114. South-Eastern and Dover, 221 ; Caledonian, 30a 1. Foreign Railways have also been inanimate. Luxembourgs have been dealt in at 4 13-16the and 4 15-16ths. French Shares are entirely without change. Indian Shares have been less active. Gude and Central Oude, par I premium. Punjaub, 1 a premium. In other things no alteration whatever.


The Bank return of last night gives a decrease of 70,575/. in the stock of bullion. English Securities are quiet at the closing prices of yesterday. Consols opened 93, sellers, but shortly after returned to 931, buyers. There is a very limited business doing in both the English and Foreign Markets. Railways are dull, at a shade heavier quotations. The only bargains done up to the present moment are Great Northern, 92; Great Western, 651; Lancashire and Yorkshire, 961 ; Loudon, Brighton, and South Coast, 113' London and North-Western, 100k; Midland, 82k; North British, 391; North Staffordshire, 121.


The English Market is firmer, with a little more business. Console have been, buyers, at 931; the closing price is 93 13-16 15-16; other Stocks good at a slight advance. Foreign Securities without change. Railways are firm, but with no particular improvement in prices. The last operations are as follow—East Lancashire, 94; Great Northern, 92; Great Western, 651; Lancashire and Yorkshire, 961; London, Brighton, and South Coast, 1121; London and North-Western, 106a ; Manchester, Sheffield, and Lincolnshire, 341; Midland, 82k; North British, 391; NorthEastern—Berwick, 84; North Staffordshire, 12k; East Indian, 110; Great Central of France, 22k; Great Indian Peninsula, 201; Royal Swedish, I. Joint Stock Banks—Australasia, 941; English, Scottish, and Australian Chartered, 171; Ottoman Bank, 14; Provincial of Ireland, 691. Miscellaneous—Canada, 131; Canada Government 6 per Cent January and July, 1101 • Electric Telegraph, 911; Peninsular and Oriental Steam, 67.

3 per Cent Consols 931, Dutch 2/ per Cents 64 6 Ditto for Account 93' 1 Ditto 4 per Cents 97 9

3 per Cent Reduced 94 6 Mexican 3 per Cents 211 1

New 3 per Cents 941 1 Peruvian 41 per Cents 77 9 Long Annuities 21 15-16 Ditto 3 per Cents 54 6 Bank Stock 216 18 Portuguese 3 per Cents 1853 . 43 5 Exchequer Bills par 3 pm Russian 5 per Cents 106 8

India Stock 219 221 Ditto 41 per Cents 95 7

Austrian 5 per Cents 86 9 Spanish 3 per Cents 40 1 13razilian 5 per Cents 100 102 Ditto Deferred 231 5 Belgian 41 per Cents 97 9 Sardinian 5 per Cents 89 91 Chilian 6 per Cents 103 5 Swedish 4 per Cents 84 7 Danish 5 per Cents 941 5 Danish 3 per Cents / 83 5 Turkish 6 per Cents Danish 3 per Cents /

1035Ditto 4 per Cents Guaranteed MI a A half-yearly meeting of the City Bank was held on Tuesday ; when a dividend at the rate of 5 per cent per annum was declared : there were funds sufficient for a dividend at the rate of 8 per cent per annum, but the Directors think it best to keep the dividend at 6 per cent, with a bonus once a year. An additional issue of 1500 shares may take place during 1857. For the sex months 5001. has been appropriated to the building-fund. The amount due by the bank is now 944,475/.

The St. Katherine Dock Company have declared a dividend at the rate of

4 per cent per annum.

The Directors of the Peel River Company intend to propose a dividend of ls. per share.

The first dividend of the National Discount Company is to be 3s. per paidup share of Si.

At the half-yearly meeting of the Union Bank of Australia, on Monday, a dividend was declared at the rate of 20 per cent per annum.

In Manchester the doubt as to the position of the Liverpool cotton market causes traders to be very cautious in their transactions. The prospectus has been issued of the Nassau Railway Company, with a capital of 1,600,000/. in 201. shares ; against which amount the Nassau Government grant the company 1,000,0001. In Four per Cent Bonds, while 200,000/. has been subscribed and paid by Wiesbaden shareholders. The railway will comprise about 120 miles (about 29 of which are wholly or y completed); and will form the link to bring Wiesbaden, Rudeseim, Ems, and Weilborg, into connexion with all the principal Gorman lines. The payment is proposed of a high rate of interest during construction and sanguine statements are put forth of the returns to be realized thereafter.

Within the last few days, the Directors of the Great Southern and Western Railway Company have reduced the freight on goods conveyed between Dublin and Carlow fully 10 per cent. CRYSTAL Pa',ea.—Return of admissions for six days ending Friday January 23d, including season-ticket-holders, 6584.