24 JANUARY 1857, Page 10


II Trovatore has been translated into French, and is now played as Le Trourere at the Imperial Opera. The anniversary, of Moliere's birthday, which fell on the 15th instant, was, as usual, celebrated with all honours .at the two "legitimate" theatres. At the Francais, Is Misanthrope and. Le Malade Imaginaire were played by the elite of the company ; the bust of Moller°, placed upon the stage, wairerowned by the actors; and a poem, written for the occasion by M. Beauvallet, was read with applause. A similar coronation took place at the Odeon; where the pieces selected were Torture and Is Maude Imaginaire.

The old comedy Turearet, one of the two dramatic works by the celebrated Le Sage that have not been buried in oblivion, was revived at the Francais on Monday last, with M. Provost as the principal character. The features of this piece may be compared to that of The _Rivals in England. When originally produced, in February 1709, it failed—partly, it is said, through the severity of the weather, which prevented persons from visiting the theatre. As it has grown older, it has been more respected, and its revival is always regarded as an event of literary importance. Madame Giisi made her deb.& for the season last Saturday at the Italian Opera, in the character of Karma. On Monday Bigoletto was performed for the first time in Paris.

The aggregate receipts of the places of public amusement, during the month of December last, amount to 1,302,476f. 35e.; being an increase of 22,9341. 20c. on the receipts of November, and an increase of 126,6391, 90e. on the receipts of December 1855. The aggregate receipts during the entire year 1866 amounted to 13,181,439f. 25c.; being an increase of 772,377f. 45e. on the receipts of 1854. The year 1855 is not taken as a standard for the twelve months, the attraction of the Exhibition during the summer and autumn of that year having increased the receipts of every place of amusement to an abnormal extent, the aggregate amount being 16,105,8351. 80e. In December 1855 this cause had ceased to operate, and therefore that month is fairly compared with December lash

Madame Rose-Lucie Maki°, a celebrated actress at the Ambigu-Comique and the Porte St. Martin, died at Paris on the 18th instant ; and her funeral, which took place two days afterwards, at the Church Sainte Elizabeth du Temple, was attended by a numerous concourse of artists and litterateurs. She was born at Reuil in 1821.