24 JANUARY 1857, Page 18


PROM THE LONDON GAZETTE, 7AN17ARY 20. Partnerships Dissoleed.-Gregory and Co. Birchin Lane, and elsewhere, merchants; as far as regards D. Chinery-Cutler and Son, Birmingham, gun-manufacturers-Fenton and Shore, Sheffield, merchants-Craymer and Elliot, Bristol, pickle-manufacturers-F. and 'T. Pratt, Wilby, Northamptonshire, brick-makersHeyworth and Co. Thome Mill Water, Lancashire, cotton-manufacturers ; as far as regards It. Heyworth and G. Holt-J. and S. Watson, Belper, nail-manufacturersR. and R. W. Todd, Oundle, booksellers--Sadgrove and Ram, Eldon Street, and Dunnings Alley, Bishopsgate, cabinet-makers-Hickin and Baker, Wolverhampton, lock-manufacturers-Goode and Co. Smedley Vale, Manchester, silk-dyers-W. and C. Wells, Oxford and Liverpool, silversmiths -Finuis and Neame, Dover, timbermerchanta--Soulsby and Co. New Yard, Great Queen Street, book-binders • as far as regards J. E. Soulsby-Sminford and Champion, steam-thrashing-machine-owners-W. Carter and the executors of J. Carter, Bowden and Kilpin, wine-merchants -Lord and Nichol, Hampstead, surgeons-L. and T. F. Widenham, Lombard Street, watch-makers-Smith and Palgrave, Cornhill, stock-brokers-Fowler and Hyslop, Leicester, cordwainers-Dean and Newton, Staleybridge, plumbers-J. and J. Blyde, Sheffield, scissor-manufacturers-H. and E. Chadwick, Burnley, stonemasons-Corbyn's Hall Malleable Iron Company, Kingswindford, ironmasters*--Satterthwaite and Barrow, Lancaster, cotton-spinners-Slack and King, Southampton Street, proprietors of the Atlas and the Indian Atlas newspapers-T. B. and W. Cockayne, Sheffield, drapers-Crawley and Masters, Mark Lane, wine-merchants-Heap and Lindsey. Salford, joiners-Lawrence and Co. Liverpool, teadealers.

Bankrupta.-Joinf POLAND, Hart Street, Bloomsbury, and Mount Street, Whitechapel Road, milliner, to surrender Jan. 30, Feb. 27: solicitors, Lawrence and Co. Bread Street ; official assignee, Edwards, Sambrook Court. FREDERICK JAMES CLARKE, Clapham, baker, Jan. 30, Feb. 27: solicitor, Hewitt, Nicholas Lane ; official assignee, Edwards, Sambrook Court. Tames Pncetuss, Walsall, builder, Feb. 4, 23: solicitors, Wilkinson jun. Walsall; James, Birmingham; official assignee, Whitmore, Birmingham. ALFRED TAYLOR, Wednesburr, builder, Feb. 6, 20 solicitors, Hodgson and Allen,

Birmingham ; official assignee, Whitmore, Birmingham. •

Cnxitriss GEORGE, Weston-super-Mare, grocer, Feb. 3, alarch 3: solicitors, Stanley and Wasbrough, Bristol ; official assignee, Acrarnan, Bristol. Witmast BURROW JONES, Bristol, pastrycook, Feb. 3, March 10; solicitor, King, Bristol; official assignee. Acraman, Bristol. ANN BEES, Llanelly, grocer, Feb. 3, March 8: solicitors, Stanley and Wasbrough, Bristol; official assignee, Acraman, BristoL JOHN DANGER, Yatton, Somersetshire, and Bristol, leather-factor, Feb. 3, March : solicitors, Bevan and Girling, Bristol ; official assignee, Miller, Bristol. JONATEAN Waterer HORSFALL, Leeds, commission-agent, Feb. 2, March 2: solicitor,

Prest, Leeds; official assignee, Hope, Leeds. Wn.tram BALsnAvv, Liverpool, joiner, Feb. 4, March 4: solicitor, Payne, Liverpool ; official assignee, Morgan, Liverpool.

GEORGE Sea:mum, Carr Min, Newchurch, Lancashire, cotton-spinner, Jan. 30, Feb. 20: solicitors, Cobbett and Wheeler, Manchester; official assignee, Ilema, man, Manchester. JAMES TURNER, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, oil-merchant, Feb. 3, March 4: solicitors, Hoyle, Newcastle-upon-Tyne; Crosby, Church Court, Old Jewry ; official assignee, Baker, Newcastle-upon-Tyne. GILBERT HODOSON and WILLIAM ATCILESON, Sunderland, timber-merchants, Feb. 10, March 6: solicitors, Haile and Co. Southampton Buildings and Newcastle-uponTyne • official assignee, Baker, Newcastle-upon-Tyne. Dividends.-Feb. 11, Salkeld, Basinghall Street, warehouseman-Feb. 14, Walker, Blomfield Streit, Harrow, Road, and Charles Mews, Westbourne Terrace, coach-builder-Feb. 11, Stuart, Cambridge, tailor-Feb. 11, Clarke, New Cavendish Street, and Upper Marylebone Street, surgeon-Feb. 10, Seaward, A.bchurch Yard, carman-Feb. 12, Taylor, Balladen, and Ilidgehole Mills, Rosendale drugget-manufacturer-Feb. 19, Evans and Davey, Mitten Ferry Iron Works, damorganshire, iron-masters. Certificates to be granted unless cause be shown to the contrary on the day of meeting.-Feb. 11, J. T. and G. Metcalfe, Bow Lane, and Farnham, canvass-merehente-Yeb. 11, Seaward, Abehureh Yard, carman-Feb. 11, Hobson, Belmont

Wharf, King's Cross, wharfinger—Feb. 11, Steverson, Wandsworth Road. brewer-Feb. 11, Thomas, Manchester, tailor—Feb. 13, Hadwen and M`Gregor, Liverpool, and Havannah, merchants—Feb. 12, Budder, Birmingham, builder.

Declarations of Dividends.—Stevens, Pall Mall, bill-broker ; first div. of 214. Wednesday neat; Lee, Aldermanbury—Glenn, Cambridge Terrace, Liverpool Road, builder ; first div. of 3id. Wednesday next ; Lee, Aldenunnbury—Wilson, Barking, corn-dealer ; first di, of Ls. 114. Wednesday next, and three subsequent Wednesdays; Edwards, Sambrook Court—Brown, Little Bowden, Northamptonshire, horse-dealer ; first div. of 208. Wednesday next, and three subsequent Wednesdays ; Edwards, Sambrook Court—Linnit, Argyle Place, goldsmith ; third dir. of 84d. Wednesday next, and three subsequent Wednesdays; Edwards, Sambrook CourtflartShOrne senior. Great Dover Street, Borough, ironmonger ; first div. of 4e. on the separate estate, Wednesday next, and three subsequent Wednesdays ; Edwards, Sambrook Court—Giffin, Church Street, Hackney, and Diddington Place, Caledonian Road, saddler ; first div. of 314. on the separate estate, Wednesday next, and three subsequent Wednesdays ; Edwards, Sambrook Court —51:Lean, High Holborm. tailor ; second div. 74. and Is. 14. on new proofs, Wednesday next, and three subsequent Wednesdays ; Edwards, Sambrook Court—Addey, Old Bond Street, bookseller; third div. of Is. and 55. on new proofs, Wednesday next, and three subsequent, Wednesdays ; Edwards, Sambrook Court—BroWnirill, Tipton, boot-maker, first div. of 44. any Thursday ; Christie, Birmingham—Ord, Gateshead and London, cement-manufacturer ; first div. of 20s. on the separate estate, any Saturday; Baker, Newcastle-upon-Tyne—Pattinson, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, chemist ; first and final div. of 84, on the separate estate, any Saturday ; Baker, Newcastle-upon-Tyne. Scotch Seguestration.—Borthwick, Partick, Glasgow, gardener, Jan. 23.

FROM THE LONDON GAZETTE, JANUARY 23. Partnerships Disaoked.—Coulson and Sons, Lisburn, Antrim, Ireland, damaskmanufacturers—Robb and Co. Liverpool, merchants—Thomas and Lewis, Aberdare, coal-workers—J. T. and H. A. Thomas, St. George Street, East, watch-makersBennett and Sons, Great Grimsby, merchants ; as far as regards W. Bennett—Corlas and Co. Dairy Coates, Hull, nurserymen—G. and W. Armstrong, Bishopswearmouth, iron-founders—Locke and Co. lead-manufacturers ; as far as regards J. Foster—W. and E. Mann, Glemsford and Bury St. Edmunds, soap-manufacturersHeaven and Co, Manchester, embroiderers; as far as regards W. Booth—Biggs and Sons, Conduit Street, Bond Street, carvers ; as far as regards W. J. Biggs—'W herid and Gibbon, West Hartlepool, joiners—Rollick and Dodd, Old Ford, Bow, co lour-manufacturers--Spencer and Co. Manchester, commission-agents—Forster and Rawle, Liverpool—Aynsley and Co. Longton, Staffordshire, china-manufacturers ; as far as regards J. Aynsley—Shearman and Slater, Great Tower Street, attorneys— Blake and Clarke, Enfield, brewers—Le Neve and Barton, Metropolitan Cattle Market, cattle-salesmen—Davis and Hibbert, Salford, b ers—J . and I. Rhodes, Keigliley, farmers—Legg and Bridges, Reigate, builders—J. and J. Moorliouse, Kirkburton, woollen-cloth-manufacturers—Burton and Chase, Eye, Suffolk, flax-manufacturers —The South Wales Waggon-works Company, Newport—Cowell& Davis, Grays Thur. rock, Essex, brick-makers—Barrow and Son, St. Helen's, Lancashire, corn-dealers —J. and J. C. Rollineon, Leeds, or elsewhere, pawnbrokers—Barker and Johnson, Stoke-upon-Trent and Greet Fenton, Staffordshire, surgeons—Droege and Co. Manchester, commission-agents; as far as regards C. H. Droege—Marshall and Edridge, Fenchurch Street, ship-brokers—Stead and Leming, Bradford, Yorkshire, or elsewhere, stone-masons—J. and C. Robinson, Leeds, and elsewhere, woollencloth-merchants—Hill and Co. Liverpool, passenger-brokers—Adams and Son, Birmingham, carriage-handle-manufacturers—Ewin and Co. Calcutta, merchants—T. and C. Bunyard, Maidstone, farmers—Oilman and Co. Canton and Foo-chow, and Gilman and Co. Shanghai, merchants ; as far as regards A. Bowman—Barnes and Storey, Manchester, commission-agents—J. and H. Earnshaw, Skircoat, Sowerbybridge, Yorkshire, millers—Hopkinson and Co. Bradford, Yorkshire, wool-dealers ; as far as regards R. Beanland—Grierson and Co. Huddersfield, woollen-merchantsR. and J. Scott, Kingholm Mills, Dumfries, spinners—Kaye and Co. Glasgow, cloth-merchants.

Bankrupts.—GEOBOE DEFIES, Pembridge Villas, Westbourne Grove, auctioneer, to surrender Feb. 3, March 3 : solicitor, Davis, Arundel Street, Strand ; official assignee, Bell, Goleman'Street Buildings. THOMAS Csienum., Rivers Terrace, York Road, King's Cross;railway-grease-manufacturer, Feb. 6, March 3: solicitors, Wright and Bonner, London Street, Fenchitrch Street ; official assignee, Edwards, Sambrook Court. EDWARD WHITE, Cushion Court, Old Broad Street, stock-broker, Feb. 3, March 8: solicitors, Linklater and Ilackwood, Shoe Lane; official assignee, Edwards, Sambrook Court.

JOSEPH WerafiaS, Nortirampton, batter, Feb. 0,March II: solitritors, Reed and CO. Friday Street ; Jeffery, Northampton ; official assignee, Cannan, Aldermanbury. Jonsr DICKSON, Fleet Street anal elsewhere, builder, Feb. 3, March 3 : solicitors, King and George, King Street, Cheapside ; official assignee, Stansfeld, Basinghall Street.

GEORGE BALL, New Lenton, Nottinghamshire, plumber, Feb. 10, March 3: solicitors, Coope, Nottingham ; Harrison and Wood, Birmingham ; official assignee, Harris, Nottingham. Joins MORLEY, Nottingham and Sheinton, joiner, Feb. 10, March 3: solicitor, COope, Nottingham ; official assignee, Harris, Nottingham. STEPHEN TOWAN, Plymouth, currier, Feb. 2, March 2: solicitor, Elworthy, Plymouth ; official assignee, flirted, Exeter. WILLIAM HENRY DicKINSON, Sheffield, joiners' tool-manufacturer, Feb. 7, March 21; solicitor, Broadbent, Sheffield ; official assignee, Brewin, Sheffield. JOIC4 LADD, Liverpool, contractor, Feb. 5, March 5: solicitor, Pemberton, Liverpool ; official assignee, Turner, Liverpool. HENRY FREDERICK Jiiitss, Manchester, merchant, Feb. 12, March 5: Solicitor, Stead, Manchester ; official assignee, Hemaman, Manchester.

JAMES SCHOFIELD, Ashton-under-Lyne, tailor, Feb. 3, March 3: solicitors, Brooks and Marshall, Ashton-under-Lyne ; official assignee, Pott, Manchester.

.Dividends.—Feb. 13, Back, Tottenham Court Road, grocer—Feb. 13, Brown, Sloane Street, upholsterer—Feb, 13, Watney, Wimbledon, baker—Feb. 13, Poland and Meredith, Bread Street, furriers—Feb, 16, Honey, Maidstone, grocer—Feb. 13, Colborne, Poole, draper—Feb. 4, Eyke and Whiffen, George Yard, Milton Street, carmen—Feb. 14, Pollack, Fieldgate Street, sugar-refiner—Feb. 13, Adams, Ware, Hertford, banker—Feb. 16, Winfield and Clarke, Birmingham, factors—Feb. 18, Lowe, Manchester, merchant—Feb. 17, Birtwistle, Bury, inn-keeper—Feb. 19, 20, Ifadwen and M'Gregor, Liverpool and Harannah, merchants.

Certificates to be graned cause be shown to the contrary on the day of

meeting.—Feb. 13, Lose, Cricklewood, Middlesex, builder—Feb. 14, Barfoot, North Stoneham, Hampshire, cattle-salesman—Feb. 14, Robertson, Brook Street, Ratcliffe, victualler—March 3, Richards, Newport, Monmouthshire, sail-maker—Feb. 24, Radnor, PrestergTh, Radnorshire, maltster—March 3, Lansley, Bath, publican— Feb. 16, Thomas, Manchester, milliner—Feb, 17, Vayro, Ripon, Yorkshire, linendraper—March 25, Chapman. Lincoln, grocer—Feb. 18, Jackson junior, Lincoln, victualler.

Declarations of Dividends.—Newmarch, Nottingham, hatter ; first dir. of 4s. on new proofs, Monday next, and two subsequent Mondays ; Harris, Nottingham— Johnson, Duffield, Derbyshire ; first dir. of Is. 2d. Monday next, and two subsequent Mondays; Harris, Nottingham—Partridge, Tipton, Staffordshire, cornfactor ; div. of 2s. 7¢4. Feb. 5, or any subsequent alternate Thursday ; Bittleston, Birmingham—Rollason and Lister, Mosley Iron Works, Bilston, Staffordshire ; div. of 2id. together with a div. of 33. 24. on the separate estate of J. S. Lister, Feb. 5, or any subsequent alternate Thursday ; Bittleston, Binningham—Thomas, Plymouth and Devonport, grocer ; first. div. of 6.s. 84. any Tuesday or Friday ; Hirtzel, Exeter—Dyer, Boscastle, Cornwall, grocer ; further div. of Is. Id. any Tuesday or Friday ; Ifirtzd, Exeter. Scotch Seguestrations.—Dobbie, Lasswade, Edinburgh, grocer, Jan. 29—Lee, Glasgow, dealer in fancy goods, Jan. 28—Paton, Airdrie, draper, Jan. 28.