24 JANUARY 1857, Page 2

Ii Curt.

THE QUEEN has entertained several distinguished guests this week at Windsor Castle. There was a second theatrical entertainment on Thursday; the plays selected being "Our Wife, or the Rose of Amiens," and "Deaf as R Post." Among the guests were the Marquis of Abereotn, Rear-Admiral W. A. B. Hamilton, Lord -Burghersh, Sir Charles Wood, the Marquis of Lansdowne, Count Lavradio, the Earl of Shelburne, the Duke and Duchess de Nernoura, the Earl and Countess of Derby, Sir George and Lady Grey, Prince Edward of Leiningen, and the Count of Flanders.

The Bishop of Ripon had audience of the Queen yesterday, and did homage to her Majesty on his appointment. Her Majesty has taken open-air exereise; and Prince Albert, with some of the guests, has engaged in the pastimes of hunting and shooting.