24 JANUARY 1964, Page 13

SIR, — Your article shows again the birth of a 'new society'

is a very slow and tortuous process. The

idea that the old books of history are closed is such a grand fantasy. It takes a man of courage and ability, as well as a man stung by the pressure of defeat, to give voice to the unfolding forces of the future in which men arc allowed to outgrow their infancy.

The party leaders have been treated under the motto 'Children should be seen and not heard' in- stead of 'primus inter pares.'

I feel sure that your step forward in the struggle to break the stranglehold on 'mice and men' in the Tory Party will be the beg.nning of a creative crisis. It will save the party from impotence and defeat, and I am certain that your astute action will be justified by future events.

46 Shepherd's Hill. Highgate, N6 *