24 JANUARY 1964, Page 14


SIR,—In your issue of January 17 Mr. Randolph Churchill gives figures purporting to show the space devoted in various newspapers to reviews of his recently published book, The Fight for the Tory Leadership. He says that the Daily Worker on January 1J gave four and a half column inches to a review of his book.

This is quite untrue. The only reference to his book in the Daily Worker was in an editorial. This said : We are unable to give any opinion on the merits or otherwise of Mr. Churchill's book as we have not been sent a copy for review.

No doubt he and his publishers have borrowed the electronic suppressor which he says The Times uses to keep out inconvenient news items.

We shed few teats. We have a shrewd idea that the book is about as useful as Lady Chatterley's Lover in explaining current British politics—in fact, in the light of recent events. probably less useful. Probably no one other than Mr. Randolph Churchill would be capable of describing as a review a statement that a review was not possible.


Editor Daily Worker, 75 Farringdon goad, ECI