24 JANUARY 1964, Page 15


SIR,—You will not remember me, but you were a patient of mine, and almost a son-in-law of mine, between 1925 and 1930.

At that time I was practising opposite your home in Beaconsfield, and you paid me many visits. In fact, you fell in love with a member of my household, so much so that, with the permission of your master, G. K. Chesterton, a marriage was arranged and fruitfully consummated.

But all this you have forgotten. Forgotten too no doubt your romps with GKC. I witnessed a wonder- ful game of hide and seek in which GK attempted concealment behind a newly planted standard apple tree in his garden—without seeming success from your observant eye! And if you have forgotten too his wonderful tribute to you, look it up and read it once more. He loved you dearly.

May I, who removed you, painlessly I hope, from that incarnation, wish you good fortune in your present endeavour during this one.


Mead ham Cottage, Hannington, Basingstoke, Hampshire PS. Quoodle was half Cairn, half Aberdonian, and a 'proper character.'