24 JANUARY 1964, Page 8

Spectator's Notebook

LAST Saturday, before I went to watch the England v. Wales match at Twick- enham, I was surrounded by the press. When they had given up hoping for any further information on the Tory leadership, I was asked what I wanted from the game. 'Plenty of good tries,' 1 said, 'and a draw: that will help Scot- land.' And so it was. To fill my cup almost to the brim, Scotland held the All Blacks at Murrayfield. Still scarred in my memory is the match between Scotland and the Springboks in 1951 which Scotland lost 44-nil—and as a Scottish supporter said dourly on leaving Murray- field, 'We was lucky to get nil.' But perhaps this time it will be different. Since my schooldays I have been going to the Calcutta Cup match. For many years (every second year) there had to be a Ministry of Labour office near Edinburgh to be inspected, or the Edinburgh Women's Unionist Committee had to listen to a speech, on the third Friday in March. I'll be there. Even if the general election is on Thursday March 19, I'll be there. And I've been witness of so many Floddens. This time, please, please let me be a Spectator at Bannockburn.