24 JULY 1869, Page 14




I GAZE upon the dull, grey waste of sea, O'er which the clouds hang heavy as in sleep ; Along the shore the loitering wavelets creep, Like unbound captives fearing to be free ; The cattle shiver on the marshy lea, Which seems less torpid than the neighbouring deep,

For o'er the plain the mists of evening sweep,

Stirred by a breath that has no voice for me. 0 weary world ! 0 dreary life ! I cry, Better the tempest roaring up to heaven, The thunder crash, the sky with lightning riven, Than all this vacant, dread monotony :- Better to die while battling for the palm, Than live to stagnate in ignoble calm !


But as I spoke, a flash of glorious light Gleamed from the west. It was a kiss of peace,

A premonition of the day's decease,—

And suddenly the leaden waves grew bright, And smiled and laughed as the sun said Good night !'

Till I, o'erjoyed at Nature's sweet caprice,

Felt all the discord of my spirit cease,

Soothed by God's beauty, strengthened by God's might : 0 fair glad world ! I said, 0 earth, that holds Unnumbered treasures on thy ample breast!

0 Love Divine, that all these gifts enfolds Within the sacred circle of thy rest !

With these and Thee, Life's fretful troubles end, Forgetting both, we lose in each, a friend. Jolar DEraus.