24 JULY 1869, Page 2

assault only; but as he pleaded provocation, the whole case

was gone into, and ended in a verdict of guilty under extreme provocation. The judge, therefore, only bound Lord Carington overin 2100 not to repeat the offence. On the other hand, Mr. Grenville-Murray has been accused of perjury in denying that he was editor of the Queen's Messenger, and though the case is unfinished, the magistrate, Mr. Knox, has declared the charge so far made probable that Mr. Murray must give bail, his own and that of two friends, for 21,000 in all. The line taken by the plaintiff in the cane against Lord Carington was that his lordship committed the assault at the insti- gation of Mr. Bidwell, of the Foreign Office, but that gentleman appeared in Court to swear that he had not instigated it.