24 JULY 1869, Page 2

The list of the new French Ministry appeared on Sunday,

and is considered most unsatisfactory. No appointment is made to the Ministry of State, which is for the present suppressed ; and Marshal Niel and Admiral Regnault de Genouilly retain the port- folios of War and Marine. M. Forcade de Is Roquette, the agent of the Emperor in manipulating the elections, remains Minister of the Interior, and M. Greasier of Public Works. Of the new men, M. Magne, Minister of Finance, refuses to be a politician ; the Prince de la Tour d'Auvergue, Foreign Minister, is noted for want of political character ; M. Duvergier, Minister of Justice, is too old for influence, and is devoted to the Empire ; M. Chasseloup Labat, President of the Council, was Minister of the Colonies during the harshest period of the personal rigime ; M. Bourbeau, Minister of Education, has never given a Liberal vote ; and M. Leroux is a rich Napoleonist. Neither the Tiers- Parti nor the Left have been admitted to any share of power.