24 JULY 1869, Page 3

The Colonial office is rapidly carrying out its policy of

compel- ling the Colonies to defend themselves. Lord Granville has written to Ottawa to withdraw from the Dominion a regiment of cavalry, five battalions of infantry, and four batteries of artillery. He has also intimated that it is not the intention of the Govern- ment to maintain more troops in the Dominion than will suffice for instruction, and that although they will place three gun- boats on the lakes, it must be at the expense of the local government. Again, he informs the Government that the Canadian Rifles, not being raised for general service, cannot be supported from the Imperial Treasury ; but if maintained at all, must be maintained by Canada. He further intimates, or Mr. Cardwell has intimated, that of the 85,000 Snide= and 20,000,000 rounds of amuumition in store, 25,000 &Hers and 10,000,000 rounds will be withdrawn, leaving the colony the option of purchase. That last order is mean. It is quite right to compel the colonists to defend themselves, but when withdrawing we need not charge for the stores we leave behind us. English gentlemen when they let houses make the tenants pay for fixtures, but not for accidental cabbages in the garden.