24 JULY 1971, Page 29

Candidates' list

Sir: I read with more than passing interest the letter from Mr Howard Thomas about the revision of the Conservative Central Office Candidates' List.

A nephew of mine has just been removed from this list and being a comparatively young man has been somewhat taken aback by this action.

He therefore asked the vicechairman responsible, Mr Elliott, for the reasons behind his removal, only to be told they could not be given. Trying another tack he asked what were the yardsticks against which he had been assessed. Again he drew a blank.

He has been left with the very unsatisfactory, but probably correct, reason given to him by one of the Conservative area agents, who said: "They were told by Heath to reduce the list, so Elliott, the vicechairman responsible, just removed every third name, banking upon the assumption that no one would query it for fear of falling out of favour."

A. V. Russell The Naval Club, 38 Hill Street, London WI