24 JUNE 1893, Page 32



IN the coves of the Island of Treasure, On the tropical Beach of Falese, I have taken unlimited pleasure, Wafted there by a favouring breeze.

I have lingered with Lang and his Bookmen,.

I have Gossiped the day long with Gosse, But. have wearied of Stead and his spook-men,.

And have steadfastly wished for their loss.

I have studied Vanbrugh and Pinero, Ford and Webster, Kit Marlowe and Jones;.

Whilst, to me, Oscar Wilde was a hero, With his wittily cynical tones : But, so long as "A Doll's House" the craze is,.

I am sure that the public might see If they wish for a play that amazes, They can get one much better from me.

I have shared in each joy and each sorrow Of the garrulous "Warriors Three," I have travelled in Spain with George Borrow, I have tasted the Autocrat's tea, I have listened to Barrie's sweet "Thrumming," And enjoyed "Lady Windermere's Fan," But I think of the writer who's coming, And I wonder if I am the man. G. B..