24 JUNE 1899, Page 19

The election for South Edinburgh has resulted in the return

of the Home-rule candidate, Mr. Dewar, and the gain of a seat by the Opposition. Mr. Dewar polled 5,820 votes and General Wauchope 4,989,—majority, 831. In 1895 Mr. Cox, a Liberal Unionist, won the seat by 97 votes. In 1892 the Home-rule majority was 431. It would be absurd to speak of these figures as anything but most unsatisfactory, but it must be remembered that Mr. Dewar is connected with the great firm of Dewar, whisky distillers, and was a very strong candidate. It will be curious to see whether Oldham and East Edin- burgh, where there are also elections pending, will show similar results. We shall not be surprised if they do, for the virtual dropping of Home-rule by the Liberal party has no doubt to a large extent diminished the watchfulness and vigour of the Unionists. There are plenty of men in every constituency who will fight really hard if they think the Union in danger, but who, if they believe that secure, trouble very little as to which side wins.