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AA, the: its handbook , 338 (CI)

Abdication of King Edward Fill, The, Lord Beaverbrook. fed.)

A. J. P. Taylor, 504 (RI Abortion: attitudes to, 626 (M), 727, 758, 788 (L); David Steel's abortion law reform Bill, 783 (S)

About the House. W. H. Auden. 141 (R) Abrahams. William, and Peter Stansky, Journey to the Frontier,

572 (R)

Academy Goes to War, An, 490 (A) Accents of Persuasion, The, Robert Bernard Martin, 671 (R) Achebe. Chinua, .4 Man of the People, 113 (R) .4ehieventent of William Faulkner, The, Michael Millgate, 298 (R) Act Without 'Words (St. Martin's), 75 (AA) Aczel, Tamas, The Ice Age, 50 (R) Adams, Phoebe-Lou, A Rough Map of Greece, 204 (R) Addison and the Spectator, 76 (R) Adenauer, Konrad, Memoirs 1945-1953 (trans. Beate Ruhm son

Oppen), 460 (A)

Adventures in Space, 557 (P) Adventures in the Skin Trade (Hampstead Theatre Club), 327 (AA)

ADVERTISING misleading consumer advertising, 147 (CI); surreptitious commercial 'plugs' in broadcasts, 675 (CI) Advice, good, 87 (AF)

Aerodrome, The, Rex Warner, 796 (R) Affaire Ben Barka, L', 132 (A) Afghanistan: Cockpit in High Asia, Peter King, 605 (R)

Afghan War, the First, 366 (R)

Africa: Black Africa-What !Vent Wrong?, 250 (A); the 'African

syndrome', 265 (R)

Africa: A Handbook, (ed.) Colin Legum, 265 (R) African Powder Keg, Ronald Matthews, 265 (R) African Tightrope, Major-Gen. H. T. Alexander, 265 (R) Africa's Golden Road, Kwesi Armah, 266 (R) After Their Blood, Leslie Pine, 415 (A) Afterthought, 23, 54, 87, 119, 148, 179, 207, 238, 256. 288, 324, 358,

401. 431, 494, 522, 564, 596, 627, 660, 690, 722, 756, 787 (AF)

Against Nature, 754 (M) .4gainst the World, Douglas Brown, 766 (R)

Aircraft industry: BAC's exports, 191 (S); plans for merger of Rolls-Royce and Bristol Aeroplane, 736 (E) Air power, 764 (R) AIR TRAVEL AND AVIATION a Junkers 52 lost in China, 270 (A), 360 (L); German Starfighter crashes, 354 (A); BEA's inefficiency and inconsiderateness to passengers, 688 (S), 724 (L) Albania: 605 (R): the Corfu Channel incidents, 640 (R)

Albert Hall Recitation, 732 (P)

Aldeburgh Festival: the SPECTATOR'S music critic barred, 753(S) Aldington, Richard, 264 (R)

Aldiss, Brian, The Canopy of Time, 504 (R) Alexander, Major-Gen. H. T., African Tightrope, 265 (R) Alfie, 405 (AA) .4liquid A'ori, 36 (A) All About Lore, 762 (AA) All Are Guilty, 490 (A) All the Way to the Unthinkables, 686 (A) Alperovitz, Gar, Atomic Diplomacy: Hiroshima and Potsdam, 408


.4lpharille, 362 (AA) A he, Der, 460 (A) 4 Lame Spento and other early poems, Ezra Pound, 113 (R)

'Ambiance' and 'ambient, 359 (L)

American Dream, An, 354 (A) .4merican Scenes, Charles Tomlinson, 638 (R) Americans, The : The National Experience, Daniel J. Boorstin,

374 (R)

Amis, Kingsley The Anti-Death League, 334 (RI Ancient Arts of Central Asia, Tamara Talbot Rice, 474 (R) Ancient Enemy, An, Pierre Moinot, 765 (RI Ancient Iran, E Porada, 474 (R) 'And now, an Election Broadcast . 349 (A) Anecdotes: 'stolen' and retold r others. 660 (AF) Anglo-American relations.: sl (S) Anglo-French Attitudes, 683 (LA)

Animals: hotels that welcome pets, 479 (CI); a raven as a pet, 800 (A) Annesley, David: exhibition, 438 (AA)

Another Look at Mao, 319 (A) Another (Fasted Year?, 155 (LA)

Anti-Apartheid Movement, the: an appeal, 566, 599 (L)

Anti-Death League. The. Kingsley Amis, 334 (R) Apes of God, The, Wyndham Lewis, 640 (R) Apology for Politicians, An, 456 (PC)

Archaeology, 411 (RI

Archbilln, Roberts, S.J.: His Life and W •s, David Abner Hum, 332 (R)

(A) ARIICTE (AM ARTS AND AMUSEMENTS (AF) AFTERTHOUGHT (C) CHESS (CI) CONSUMING INTEREST (E) THE ECONOMY AND THE CITY ( L) LITTER ARCHnECTURE 'townscape', 109 (AA); a new development in housing at Harlow, 293 (AA); skyscraper office buildings, 468 (AA); building offices-and houses-around courtyards, 468 (AA), 525 (L); 473 (R); work in England by Arne Jacobsen and Skidmore, Owings and Merrill, 761 (AA)

Annah, Kwesi: Africa's Golden Road, 266 (R); awaiting extradition to Ghana on corruption charges, 652 (PC) Armstrong, Charlotte, The Turret Room, 51 (R) 4corstrong's Last Goodnight (Old Vic), 14 (AA)

ARMY AND ARMED FORCES the Territorial Army and the civil power, 40 (L): no more aircraft carriers?, 191 (S); the White Paper on defence, 215 (LA), 222 (A), 257 (L); 218 (P); the Royal Flying Corps, 539 (R)

Armytage, W. H. G., The Rise of the Technocrats: A Social History, 300 (R) Arsenic and Old Lace (Vaudeville), 259 (AA)


individual exhibitions: David Annesley, 438, Balthus, 730, Aubrey Beardsley, 664, John Craxton, 695, Salvador Dali, 12, Jean Dubuffet, 438, 528, Marcel Duchamp, 791, Naum Gabo, 362, Jann Haworth, 260, Adrian Heath, 571, Barbara Hepworth, 695, Rene Magritte, 12. Joan Miro, 528, Sidney Nolan, 571, John Piper, 571, Ceri Richards, 571, Tim Scott, 140, Richard Smith, 601, Joe Tilson, 260, Brian Wall, 528 (AA); Bonnard exhibition, 73 (AA), 321 (S); Los Angeles artists (exhibition), 140 (AA); 'Young Contemporaries' exhibition, 168 (AA); Turner water-colours, 168 (AA); Tiepolo fresco panels, 260 (AA); Surrealism, 263 (R); Dada, 263 (R), 783 (S); Turner and his bequest of his paintings, 292, 326 (AM; 474 (RI; a Biblical subject by Claude. 580 (A); the Whitechapel Gallery, 631 (AA) Art and Artists of Russia, The, Richard Hare, 474 (R) Art of Buddhism, The, Dietrich Seckel. 474 (RI Art of D. H. Lawrence, The, Keith Sagar, 797 (RI .4rt °limn. The, Andre Godard, 474 (R) .4rt of Marvell's Poetry, The, J. B. Leishman, 77 (12) Art of the Renaissance in Northern Europe, The, Otto Benesch,

474 (R)

Asia, Gods and Cities, George Woodcock, 605 (R) .4ssorred Prose, John Updike, 142 (R)

Astor: a Lord Astor's care for his children, 644 (A)

Astor, Brooke, The Bluebird is at Home, 334 (R) At Bertram's Hotel, Agatha Christie, 51 (RI Atomic Diplomacy: Hiroshima and Potsdam, Gar Alperovitz,

408 (R)

At the Court of King Freddie, 689 (A) At the Crossroads, Evan S. Connell, Jr, 442 (R) Auchincloss, Louis, The Embezzler, 765 (R) Audemars, Pierre, Time of Temptation, 443 (R) Auden, W. H., About the House, 141 (R) Austerlitz: The Story of a Battle, Claude Manceron (trans. George

Unwin), 700 (R)

Austin, Dennis, Britain and South Africa, 766 (R)

Australia: an immigrant's reasons, 778 (A)

Autobiography, An: The Story of My Experiments with Truth,

M. K. Gandhi (trans. Mahadev Desai), 332 (R)

Autobiography of Malcolm X, The, Malcolm X with Alex Haley, 668 (R) Automobile Association: its handbook Co-Driver: The Motorist's Companion, 338 (CI) B Babes in the Woods, Lillian O'Donnell, 302 (R)

Bacon, Alice, 67 (S) Bagehot, Walter, 15 (R) Balanchine, George: source of a statement on ballet, 198 AA), 291 (L)

Bald Alliance. The, 424 (P)

Baldwin: his dissolution of Parliament in 1923, 394' A). 464 (L)

Balfour, James, The Medicine Men, 537 (R) Ballade of a Jaded Reader, 722 (P) Ballad of a Mone-Picker. George Ryga, 80 (RI Ballad of Oliver Powell, The, Stead Jones, 503 (R)

BALLET the Royal Ballet's touring section, 109, 790 (AA); John Cranko's

Brandenburg Nos. 2 and 4, 198 (AA); a new choreographer,

Jonathan Taylor, 198 (AA); Balanchine's 'law of optics' for

dancing, 198 (AA), 291 (L); John Cranko's Carel Game, 227

(AA); Antonio and his Spanish dancers, 327 (AA); Ashton's

Monotones (Royal Ballet), 327 (AA); Swan Lake (Festival Ballet), 327 (AM; Les Biches (Royal Ballet), 404 (AA); The Wedding (Royal Ballet), 404, 435 (AA); Sun into Darkness (Western

Theatre Ballet), 500 (AA); Kenneth MacMillan to leave the

Royal Ballet, 599 (AA); Kenneth MacMillan's Song of the Earth,

664 (AA); the Ballet Rambert re-formed as a smaller company, 790 (AA)

Ball, John, In the Heat of the Night, 302 (R)

Balthus: exhibition, 730 (AA)

Balzac, Hanore de, E. J. Oliver, 299 (12) Bang, You're Dead!, Henry Treece, 443 (R)

Bank of England, the: Mr L. K. O'Brien to succeed' Lord Cromer as Governor, 519 (A), 543 (E) Banks: the five-day week, 165 (L)

Bantock, Gavin, Christ: A Poem in Twenty-six Parts, 411 (R)

Barbecue spit, a, 739 (CI) Barka, Mehdi Ben, 132 (A)

Barker, Dudley, Writer by Trade: A View of Arnold Bennett, 764 (R) Barker, George, Dreams of a Summer Night, 411 (R)

Barlow, Frank, Dorothy Whitelock, David C. Douglas, and

Charles H. Lemmon, The Norman Conquest, 230 (R) Baron, Alexander, Strip Jack Naked, 80 (R) Baron, Stanley Wade, The Contact Man, 605 (R) Barstow, Stan, The Watchers on the Shore, 378 (R) Bashing the Unions, 620 (PC) Batman, 199 (AA) Battle Or East Anglia, The, 322 (A) Baumbach, Jonathan, The Landscape of Nightmare, 298 (R) Bawden, Nina, A Little Love, a Little Learning, 334 (R)


bans Peter Watkins's film The War Game, 161 (S), 196 (1), 197

(AA), 223, 257, 289 (L); the Chief Whip and the appearance of Labour MPs on TV and radio, 219, 253 (S), 291 (1); radio

drama, 226 (AA); The Winter's Tale, 406 (AA); Mr Wilson '■

vendetta against the BBC, 429 (S), 434 (AA), 461 (S); a pro-

Labour BBC broadcast??, 432, 465,495, 524 (L)

BEA: inefficiency and inconsiderateness to passengers, 688 a 724 ( LI Beadle, Sir Hugh, 94 (LA), 96 (A), 99 (S), 135, 136 (L) Beardsley, Aubrey, 664 (AA), 728 (L)

Beaverbrook, Lord, 71w Abdication of King Edward fill (ea.

A. J. P. Taylor), 504 (R) Beckett, Samuel, 332, 532 (R) Beds, 414 (CI)

Beerbohm, Max, Seven Men and Two Others, 699 (R)

Beer, Julius: his mausoleum in Highgate Cemetery, 564 (AIL, 598 (L)

Beggars on Horseback, James Mossman, 604 (R) Beginners, The, Dan Jacobson, 670 (R) Bell, John, Journey from St. Petersburg to Pekin 1719-22 (ed. kin

Stevenson), 605 (R) Bell, Julian, 572 (R)

Bellow Plays (Jeannetta Cochrane Theatre), 693 (AA) Bellow, Saul, The Last Analysis, 371 (R)

Beloit'. Nora. 99 (S). 136 (L)

Below the Wheatline, 255 (A) Benesch, Otto, The Art of the Renaissance in .Northern

474 (R) Bennett, Arnold, 764 (R)

Bennett, Jack, The Hawk Alone, 574 (R) Berger, Klaus, Odilon Redon, 263 (RI

Berkeley, California, 766 (A) Berlin: the battle for Berlin in 1945, 573 (R)

Bernal, J. D., Science in History, 144 (R) Bernays, Edward L., 144 (R) Beset by Women (Prince of Wales), 327 (AA) Best SF Six, (ed.) Edmund Crispin, 504 (R) Betrayal of the Women, The, 722 (A) Better Half, The, Andrew Sinclair, 531 (R)

Betting on the general election result, 285 (S)

Between Wars, Anne Halley, 638 (R) Beyond Culture, Lionel Trilling, 470 (R) Bhagwati, Jagdish, The Economics of Underdeveloped Countries.

298 (R)

Bible Shocker, A, 580 (A) Big Game, 78 (P) Big Greed, The, Kenneth Giles, 605 (R) Big Jim and his Magic Cornucopia, 248 (PC) Big Yawn, The, 250 (A) Billion-Dollar Brain, Len Deighton, 410 (R)

Biography of an Idea: Memoirs of Public Relations Counsel Edward L. Bernays, 144 (R)

Bird. John, 516 (P)

Birdwatcher, The (Hampstead Theatre Club), 75 (AA) Birkenhead, Sheila, Illustrious Friends, 173 (R) Bit Between My Teeth, The, Edmund Wilson, 47 (R) Bitch Goddess, The, 383 (A) Black Africa-What Went Wrong?, 250 (A) Black Attendant, The, Hugh McCutcheon, 606 (R) Black Comedy (Old Vic), 327 (AA) Black Mischief, 463 (A) Blake's Complete Writings, (ed.) Geoffrey Keynes, 407 (R) Bloodshed on Sunday, 69 (A)

Blood sports, a book attacking, 415 (A), 496, 525, 566 (L)

Bloody Wood, The, Michael Innes, 443 (12) Bluebeard (Sadler's Wells), 663 (AA) Bluebird is at Home, The, Brooke Astor, 334 (R) Blue Mirror, The, James Turner, 51 (R) Blue Pavilion, The, William Buchan, 301 (R)

Blunden, Edmund: elected to the Oxford Professorship of Poetry, 107 (AA), 136, 165 (L), 166 (AA), 197, 225 (L)

Blyth, Henry, The Pocket Venus: A Victorian Scandal, 671 (111,

728 (L)

Bobrowski, Johannes, Shadow Land (trans. Ruth and Matthew

Mead), 411 (R) Bognor Regis: a sewage menace, 739 (CI) Bolingbroke, Lord: advice to a young man, 769 (A)

Bolingbroke on Dalliance, 769 (A) Bond, Donald F., (ed.) The Spectator, 76 (R) Bond Honoured, A (Old Vic), 754 (A), 760 (AA) Bond, Mary Wickham, How 007 Got His Name, 443 (R) Bongartz, Roy, Twelve Chases on West 99th Street, 232 (R)

Bonnard, Pierre: exhibition, 73 (AA), 321 (S) BOOKS authorship and business compared as careers, 163 (A); the National Book Awards in the US, 368 (A); a US Supreme Court judgment on pornographic books, 428 (A); Maurice

Girodias's Olympia Press books to be published in England.

520 (A), 565, 597, 629, 661 (L)

Boorstin, Daniel J., The Americans: The National Experience,

374 (R)

Booth, Pat, Sprint front the Bell, 50 (R) Border Troubles, 398 (A) Born Free, 330 (AA) Borries, Gordon, and Aubrey Diamond, The Consumer, Society and the Law, 508 (CI)

Borsook, Eve, The Companion Guide to Florence, 769 (CI) BonIle, Pierre, Time Out of Mind and Other Stories, 472 (R) Bowles, Jane, Plain Pleasures, 765 (R) Boxing: the Cassius Clay-Henry Cooper fight, 659 (A) Box OJfue, The, 206 (A) 13ranfield, John, In the Country, 301 (R) Brett-James, Antony, (comp., ed. and trans.) 1812, 700 (R) Brien, Alan: obituary on himself, 596 (AF)

Brien: Evasions of Cowardice-1943-1945, 522 (AF)

Bristol: The Theatre Royal's bicentenary, 663 (AA), 728 (L) BRITAIN The East of Suez Game, 192 (A); the `habit of authority', 200 (g); Britain's defence commitments, 215 (LA), 222 (A), 257 (L); a 'frustrated satellite' of the US, 315 (LA); the root causes of Britain's national sickness, 587 (LA), 590 (A), 629, 661 (L); a migrant's reasons for leaving Britain, 778 (A); a parallel with the last days of the French Fourth Republic, 779 (A); Britain's 'sickness' a result of technical, not moral, failures, 783 (S) Britain and Africa, Kenneth Kirkwood, 265 (R) Britain and South Africa, Dennis Austin, 766 (R) Britain's Economy: The Big Lie, 282 (A) British Agent, John Whitwell, 575 (R) BMA* Analytical Philosophy, (ed.) Bernard Williams and Alan IvIonteliore, 795 (R)

British Economic History 1870-1914: Commentary and Documents,

W. H. B. Court, 300 (R) Britten, Benjamin: bars a critic from Aldeburgh Festival, 753 (S) Broadcasting: see Radio Brock, Edwin, 638 (R) Broken Wing, The, David Divine, 764 (R) Brome, Vincent, The World of Luke Simpson, 174 (R) Brontë sisters, the, 671 (R) Brothers in Print, 8 (A) Brown, Douglas, Against the World, 766 (R) Brown, Geoff, I Want (V/tat I Want, 378 (R) BROWN, GEORGE his prices and incomes policy: 'final collapse', 31 (LA), his conception of it, 97 (PC), `written off', 155 (LA), 196 (L); 'early warning' legislation: wide opposition, 37 (PC), Labour opposi- tion, 160 (PC), the Bill, 253 (S), 254 (A); the railway strike threat negotiations, 190 (PC); relations with Ray Gunter, 190 (PC); relations with James Callaghan, 190 (PC): not to have a change of post in the Government, 424 (PC); the DEA looking into the Common Market question, 516 (PC); like Mr Toad, 516 (PC) Browning, Robert, 471 (R) Brown, John Mason, The Worlds of Robert E. Sherwood, 473 (R) Bruce, George, Maurice Lindsay, and Edwin Morgan, (ed.) Scottish Poetry I, 411 (R) Buchan, William, The Blue Pavilion, 301 (R) BL DUET, THE Mr Callaghan's announcement of coming budget measures, 248 (PC), 253 (S); How Grim a Budget ?, 477 (E); a deflationary budget?, 487 (LA), 488 (PC); How Relevant is the Budget?, 491 (A); a forecast, 519 (S); the budget examined, 555 (LA), 557 (PC), 558 (A), 576, 607 (E); damaging side-efects of the SET 775 (LA) Buganda, the Kabaka of, 689 (A) Building Cycles and Britain's Growth, J. Parry Lewis, 300 (R) Building industry: need for guarantees on new houses, 206 (CI); its present prospects, 799 (E) Building societies: house mortgage loans, 40 (L); 300 (R); their interest rates, 673 (E) Building Society Fracas, The, 673 (E) Building Society Movement, The, E. J. Cleary, 300 (R) Bulgaria: holidaying in, 414 (A) Bull, George, Vatican Politics at the Second Vatican Council, 398 (A) Bonny Lake is Missing, 199 (AA) Burdick, Eugene, and William J. Lederer, Sarkhan, 539 (R) Burgess, Anthony, (ed.) A Shorter "Finnegans Wake', 794 (R) Burgess, Anthony, Tremor of Intent, 733 (R) Burroughs, William S., Nova Express, 202 (R) Butler, Gwendoline, A Nameless Coffin, 605 (R) Buzzard. rough-legged, 22 (A) Byron, Robert, The Road to Oxiana, 605 (R) Byzantine empire, the, 763 (R)


Cabinet Office: and the fifty-year rule, 101 (A) Calubrian Summer, Bryn Gunnell, 203 (R) CAI I AGEIAN, JAMES 'Wild confidence' about economic position, 19 (E); relations with George Brown, 190 (PC); announces coming budget measures, 248 (PC), 253 (S); on changing the rules of GATT, 353 (S); to remain Chancellor, 424 (PC); more and more impressive as Chancellor, 488 (PC); 505 (E); his budget examined, 555 (LA), 558 (A), 576, 607 (E); his handling of the budget, 557 (PC); see also BUDGET, THE Cambodia's Foreign Policy, Roger M. Smith, 333 (R) Cambridge Medieval History, The: IV. The Byzantine Empire, Part 1: Byzantium and its Neighbours, (ed.) J. M. Hussey, 763 (R) Cameras: the Polaroid Swinger camera, 739 (Cl) Cameron, James, Witness, 333 (R) Camp, The, Gordon M. William, 503 (R) Canada: the Munsinger sex-and-security case, 357 (A) Can America Pull Out ?, 621 (A) Can Britain's Shipping Survive ?, 654 (A) Cancer: lung cancer and cigarette-smoking, 479 (CI) Caning in schools, 289, 325, 360, 403 (L) Cannes Film Festival, 632 (AA) Canning, Victor: Castle Minerva, 302 (R); The Hidden Fate, 606 (R) Canopy of lime, 77te, Brian Aldiss, 504 (R) Capote, Truman, lit Cold Blood, 172 (A), 331 (R) Captive of Tour, The, Marc Peyre, 604 (R) Captives, The, 143 (P) Cardiff, 659 (A) Caribbean, the: the Queen's tour, 254 (A) Carleton, VII., and Gisele Freund, James Joyce in Paris: llis final Years, 332 (R) Carter, W. Horsfall, Speaking European, 375 (R) Cartoons, political: death of Vicky, 219 (S) Case of Human Bondage, A, Beverley Nichols, 636 (RI Case of Richard Sorge, 71w, F. W. Deakin and G. R. Storry, 713 (R) Castle Minerva, Victor Canning, 302 IR) Castle, Mrs. Barbara: tasks as Minister of Transport, 34 (A) Castle to Move, 34 (Al Castroism: Theory and Practice, Theodore Draper, 16 (R) Cat foods, 546 (C1) Catherine Cannier, Ernest J. Gaines, 174 (R) Catherwood, Fred: and 'Neddy'. 429 (S) Catholic Marxists, The, 784 (A) Cation, Bruce, Never Call Retreat, 374 (R) Cause That Wasn't Lost, The, 132 (A) Caute, David, The Left in Europe, 298 (R) Caviare for the General, 749 (A) Celine, Louis-Ferdinand, Death on the Instalment Plan, 765 (R) Cemeteries, 564 (Al') Censorship, 496 (L) Census: this year's 'ten per cent' census, 492 (S), 524 (L) Chalfont, Lord: on NATO's role. 625 (S) Chambers, Sir Paul: attitude to the Government's policies, 445 (E) Champagne, 147 (CI) Chances of Opposition, The, 356 (A) Change and Other Stories, Elizabeth Montagu, 701 (12) Change in the Weather, A, 97 (PC) Chaplin, Henry, 671 (R), 728 (L) Charities: report of the Charity Commissioners, 53 (CI), 107 (L); contributions by companies, 196 (L) Charles N.foly (Studies in European Literature and Thought), N.

Jussem-Wilson, 46 (R)

Charles. Piguy. A Sturdy in Integrity, Marjorie Villiers, 46 (R) Chase Me Comrade (Whitehall), 14 (AA) Chaste Maid in Cheapside, A (Royal Court), 75 (AA) Chaucer imitated, 280 (P) C'haze, Elliott, Tiger in the Honeysuckle, 50 (R) Cherkassky, Shura, 109 (AA) Cherry-Garrard, Ansley, The Worst Journey in the World, 204 (12) CHESS solution to Christmas competition, 80 (C); watching a world- class player, 149 (C); the Spassky-Tal match, 174 (C); the Hastings tournament, 207 (C); Bobby Fischer: 269 (C), again US champion, 612 (C); correspondence chess, 334 (C); women players, 449 (C); the Marshall attack, 506, 546 (C); a world ranking list, 580 (C); Petrosian retains the world championship against Spassky, 630, 739 (C); Foldeak's Chess Olympics, 695 (C); Smyslov, 762 (C); Bent Larsen. 801 (C) Chess, 18, 52, 80, 119, 149, 174, 207, 235, 269, 307, 334, 363, 415, 449, 478, 506, 546, 580, 612, 630, 676, 695, 739, 762, 801 (C) Chevalier, flaakon, Oppenheimer: The Story of a Friendship, 666 ()

Chichester Festival Theatre, 729 (AA)

CHILDREN AND YOUNG PEOPLE playcentres, 103 (A); memories of childhood, 324 (AF); middle- class and working-class upbringing and training, 401 (Al); hotels that welcome children, 479 (Cl); children's books reviewed, 702-707 Chimes at Midnight (Cannes Film Festival), 632 (AA) China: a force-landed German aircraft in 1937, 270 (A), 360 (L); the Ili crisis, 767 (R) China and the Bomb, Morton H. Halperin, 18 (R) CHINA, COMMUNIST 3 (LA); relations with Russia, 4, 317, 398 (A); and Vietnam. 4 (A): Chinas' Monroe Doctrine, 158 (A); need to 'contain' China, 215 (LA); a turning-point in the US'sattitude, 319 (A); subversion in Thailand, 752 (A); 18, 298 (R) China's Monroe Doctrine, 158 (A) Chinese Communism, Robert C. North, 298 (R) Chinese Model, The, (ed.) Werner Klatt, 18 (R)

Christ: A Poem in Twenty-six Parts, Gavin Bantock, 411 (R)

Christie, Agatha, At Bertram's Hotel, 51 (R) CHURCH AND CHRISTIANITY Canon Collins of St. Paul's. 563 (A), 598, 629, 661 (L); Pascal's God, 722 (AF); Billy Graham's London Crusade, 751 (A), 788 (L); revivalism today, 751 (A), 788 (L); Marxism and Christianity, 784 (A); 201, 534 (R) Churchill, Allen, The Roosevelts, 473 (R) Churchill, Randolph: introduces Evelyn Waugh to Alan Brien, 462 (A) Churchill, Sir Winston: Lord Moron's disclosures about his health

519 (S), 560 (MI, 596, 657, 782 (A); Min hill the Historian, 782

IA) Churchill the Historian, 782 (A) Cigarettes: fewer cigarettes smoked in 1965, 191 (S), 291 (1_1: cigarettes and lung cancer, 479 (C1), regular burning, 479, 525 (C11 Cities, 298 (R) City and the Election, The, 303 (F)

City and the Pt Um, Al Mister IIte, 445 (1.)

City editors, 189 (A), 225 (1.1

Chili sat ions of LIMO pe, 7 he. Michael (irant. 474 IR)

Civil Service: the Government sets up an investigating committee. 187 (LA); the Prime Ministers private secietalies. 191, 219 (S); Labour's ufficcomplished 'Whitehall reeolution', 285 (S) Clancy. Joseph P., (trans.) Medieval It eldi I yrics, 231 (It) Clandestine Marriage, I he (Chichester Ut-an al 1 beatre), 7'9 (AA) Clark, Douglas. liace Dare to Cato, trop/r. 798 (RI Clarke, Arthur C., takes from the Sky, 504 IR) Clash over Whitehall's Se, r'ts, T he, 101 (Al

Class Barriers ramble. Die, 426 (AI Clay-, Cassius: lights Kerry Cooper, 659 (A)

Cleary, B. J., The Building Si, iety Moven:rot. (R) Cleary, Jon. liu• Poise of Danger, 21,7 IR)

Clifford, Francis, 7 A (A.,/ Banner, 302 (R)

Clothing; dry cleaning, 178 (CI); militants and authority, 207 (All CND at Prayer, the, 563 (A 1 Co-Drirer: The Illoiorises Companion IAA handbook), 338 (('II Cold Climate, 189 ( A) Cold (Mar ort, 178 (M) Cull Country, 1 he, Jennifer Dauh011, 202 I R) Cold, the common, 178 (M1

Cole, Tom, In End hiralry, 378 IR)

ColletledPoettis, Ilerbert Read. 638 (R) Collected U,,rks of Oilier Goldsmith, (ed.) Arthur I lit:dm:in,

13 Ca/1/ie 7I.t) t/ II "arks of Walter Bagehat. The. I.ohrtres I and II, 15 IR) Ci(t,11,iins,a()'anon L. John: aith Crater lire. 563 (A): 598. 629, Collins, Norman. 61PC)

Colour films, 579 (CI) Cotoun PROM I NI AND RAC' BI I A I loNS, Tut Little Rock, Arkansas. 148, 179 I A 1 James Meredith wounded on a civil rights march, 750 (A); 1i:cc relations in America's 'Deep South', 785 (A1

Cahanbas BoyszThe (Polish Popular Theatre at the Aid, ych I. 570 (AA) Columnist and his column. the, 238 (Al-)

Comedians, 7/re, Graham Greene, 110 ( It )

C011111,1. oll'Itimute Truths, 7 he, 462 (A)

Caine into the Garden Maud (Queen's). 529 (A A) Come Spy With Me (Whitehall), 729 (AA) Commonsense About Smoking, 479 (Cl) Commonwealth, the: conference at Lagos on subject of Rhodesia, 36 (A); 'inverted McCarthyism' over restriction of immigration into Britain, 325 (L) COMMUNISM China's Monroe Doctrine, 158 (A); Russo-Chinese relations, 317, 395 (Al; attitude to the Catholic Church, 518 (A), 597 (i): 'people's wars', 603 (R); the Communist danger to Thailand. 752 (A); Mr Wilson accuses the seamen's union of being Communist-dominated, 776 (PC); 71ie Catholic Marxists, 784 IA); 'Red Plots'. 787 (AE) Companies Bill, the new, 175 (EL 196, 226 (I.)

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balance alance of payments figures for 1965's third quarter, 19 (El: can the balance of payments be restored in 1966?, 19 (E); 'fine collapse' of the prices and incomes policy, 31, 155 (LA), 1% (L); opposition to any 'early warning' legislation, 37, 160 (PC): the Anglo-Irish trade agreement, 38 (5); wage increases and export prices. 51 (E); White Paper on investment incentives.

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Fit MS

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at seaside. 739 (Cl); see also MEDICAL

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which? magazine: on dry cleaning, 178 (CI)

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