24 MARCH 1866, Page 1

The rumours of coming war between Prussia and Austria grow

every day more alarming, so much so, that trade in Vienna has re- ceived a serious check. On the one hand, it appears certain that. the Kaiser, whether to indicate his resolution or really to fight, has put his army in motion northwards, has withdrawn furloughs, purchased horses, and made just those preparations on which Governments not in earnest are unwilling to waste money. On the other hand, the Prussian Government, though aware that Austria is armed, still threatens, and the peace party, of which the Queen and the Prince Royal were the heads, have, it is said, given way. The Italian Government evidently believes that war is at hand, the Prussian Court has given a grand reception to General Govone, the Italian military Envoy, and has named Prince Frede- rick Charles commander of the army. The main hope of peace in both countries is the extreme uncertainty of the course which the Emperor of the French would see fit to take when hostilities had once commenced. Many of these statements are probably exaggerated, but it seems clear that Austria has resolved to retire no farther.