24 MARCH 1866, Page 21

Treatise on Deferential Equations. Supplementary volume. By the late G.

Boole. Edited by I. Todhunter. (Macmillan.)—The present volume has been printed from the manuscripts that the late Professor Boole had prepared for the purpose of enlarging his Treatise on:Differential Equa- tions. The original treatise will be reprinted in its old form, and the present volume will constitute a supplement to it. In the mean- time those who are familiar with the original work will be able to turn their attention at once to the new investigations, whilst others will find in this volume many independent essays, which lose nothing by being separated from the previous publication. Mr. Todhunter, who is the most popular editor of mathematical treatises at the present day, and the best judge of the merits of a mathematician, has taken great trouble with this book, from his high respect for the talents of the late professor, and the knowledge of the long and careful study that he had given to this subject.