24 MARCH 1990, Page 33

Membership of the Trollope Society is open to everyone. Current

membership stands at 3,000 in the UK and 1,000 in the USA. There are various forms available. My accountants, Smith and Williamson, tell me that the best bet is f10 p.a. membership, buying the books as and when they come out. They add a caveat — men should not bet on seeing the last year's books if they are 67 or over, nor should women, if they are over 73. Members on joining receive free Gerould's splendid Guide to Trollope. They are sent four quarterly issues of an excellent literary magazine and can rub shoulders with the glitterati at the annual dinner and lecture. All in all, astonishing good value. Another warning: on the basis of the first four books, collectors will even- tually have to find shelfroom of over six foot, capable of supporting a weight of at least six stone. The Trollope Society's address is: 9a North Street, London SW4 OHN, tel. 720 6789.