24 NOVEMBER 1866, Page 1

In the same speech Mr. Bright was rather happy in

a com- parison for " the great middle class." " I cannot help saying that it reminds me very much of the language which the ancient Hebrew patriarch addressed to one of his sons. He said, Twitcher is a strong ass crouching down between two burdens.' So, on the one hand, there is the burden of 7,500,0001. per annum raised by way of taxation to keep from starvation more than 1,200,000 paupers within the United Kingdom ; and on the other side, and higher up in the scale, there is mismanagemeut the moat gross, there is extravagance the most reckless, there is waste the most appalling and disgraceful which haa..ever been seen in the government of any country." It is clew that Mr. Bright would have Issachar throw over the pannier containing the provision for the higher class ; but we suspect Lumbar will not save much by that feat, if he is to supply its place by one containing provision for an administrative class chosen by himself. He may gain something in efficiency, but will probably even lose in expense. " Appalling waste " is rather common with democracies.