24 NOVEMBER 1866, Page 1

The Kaiser opened the Hungarian Diet on the 18th inst.

in a very feeble speech. He recognizes the draft prepared before the war by M. Desk as a fitting basis for reconciliation between Hun- gary and the Empire, but demands that the Diet shall concede the unity of the army, of its organization, and of its recruiting law, of all customs' duties, of all indirect taxes, and of the national debt. The meaning of this is that the Kaiser will not trust Hungary with her own army, or deprive his German States of the power of pillaging all non-German States by protective duties, or surrender the power of raising loans at will. These are just the points -which the Hungarians, taught by bitter experience to distrust the Hapsburgs, will not surrender, and the hope of com- promise is therefore just as distant as ever, the result being that the Emperor must fall back on an autocracy, which will drive the hereditary States into the arms of Germany.