24 NOVEMBER 1866, Page 2

The King of - Denittaik Opened the new RigSdagnontlie 12th, and

was grattifultoPruSsia byanticipation, on the grtiand-that ;she is going to give him back Northern Schleswig, and he declared with what satisfaction he should establish with Prussia " sintere and lasting ffiendship." That *as of 'course "malting belief very math." PerhaPsit was right, though it can only be regarded as a delicate hint, like the boy's Who asked for' salt‘on bare plate, and when questioned 'as to Ms teaser's; adreitted that' it' was to 'suggest to his mamma-"'the' complementary egg that 4Otild render the salt available. 'So Dentitark -asks for ''"lindere--and lasting friendship,"—capital salt, in 'feint bdpes 'of the 'Cottlfile- mentary egg of Danish Sehletwig.