24 NOVEMBER 1866, Page 2

The New Ycirk and•Paris papers haveteen - ConiPeting all the mien - th in - the

mantifaettire Of false news froth. bttt 'it now appears certain that the Arehdukeliaidmilian has created Mar- hhal Bazaine Regent; has made" for Veia Cruz under an'escort of 800 Atistrians, and is new on his 'thy- to Etirope via Cuba. The formal surrender of the throne has not'yet appeared, but Will prebably be forthconiing as soon as the French troops are ready for their homeward voyage. The Archduke has failed in a great etietiment, which-has injured his position-and driven his wife mad; but fortunately he does notleave Mexico to anarchy. The American Government is ready, it seems certain, to assume the protectorate. Juarez has been acknowledged. General Sherman has received orders to support- him with 20,000 men, and Mexico will doubt- less be 'eaten up like an artichoke, Sonora, Chihuahua, and Lower California, all mineral districts, being the first bites. The Anglo- Saxon race is evidently irrepressible by the Latin.