24 NOVEMBER 1866, Page 21

A General Survey of the Canon of the New Testament.

By B. F. Weatcott, B.D., late Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge. (Macmillan.) Second edition.—We are glad to see the second editon of this very useful work. Mr. Westcott belongs to the little band of scholarly Churchmen who have never yielded to ecclesiastical panic, and recog- nize truthful investigation as a necessity of their country and age. After eleven years of trial he has reason to congratulate himself on the position that he originally took up, neither concealing difficulties nor allowing them to be unduly estimated. "Reticence," he wisely says, " begets suspicion, and suspicion hardens into distrust and disbelief, which would never have grown up, if a candid exposition of difficulties and defects in evidence had been made in the first instance by one who did not hold them to be insuperable." The essay has been carefully revised in the present edition, and in the appendix is now given the documentary evidence for the Canon of the whole Bible. It is needless for us to say anything as to the merits of a work, which has been universally admitted to exhaust the subject with which it deals.