24 NOVEMBER 1866, Page 3

Sir C. Domvile has written a curious letter to the

editor of the Evening Post as to the principles on which -he manages his Irish -estates. Principle 1 is " the strongest determination to uphold• the rights of the owner and his successors ;" and only principle 2, " an equally strong determination to be strictly just." *But if " equally strong,".why does it come second, and not first ? .Does justice, like charity, begin at home ? Principle 3 is, " to work up the bad tenants (the greater number)." And principle 4, " to encourage the deserving men,"—again postponing the constructive to the destructive principle. 'Sir C. ,Domvile seems very angry •With his tenants for their bad /arming, and says they consider " the unroofing of a good barn and'the culture of no end of weeds and filth " to be " improvenients." Well, then; why is he not in favour of a 'perpetual settlenient, with 'coinpeireatian to the landlords? Such improvements as these, if they-cohtinded to be made, would then be at the cost of the tenants.