24 NOVEMBER 1866, Page 3

The Dean of Carlisle is about to commence a good

work. He has' recently buried a son, and had a tombstone prepared, headed, as usual, "'Sacred to the memory." The Burial Board, however, being at ohce Calvinistic and ignorant of philology, objected to the word "sacred" as " unmeaning and stiperfltious," and requested its erasure. They gave way after some ccirrespondence, but the Dean intends to try whether they have any business to interfere. We sincerely hope he will persevere, and that a judgment will be passed which shall bring all these boards to their senses. They have,' we believe, almost everywhere passed votes declaring that anything " eccentric," that is original, in epitaphs shall be pro- hibited, thus actually killing an entire branch of literature. We heard the other day of one of them Objecting to a text from Eccle- shisticus as " giving countenance to the 'poeryfar," and they would probably reject the epitaph on Purcell as " vanity." Their busi-

ness is to extort all they can out of grief, like other undertakers, and they should be compelled to confine themselves to that con- genial task.