24 NOVEMBER 1877, Page 24

Ev erg-Day Meals ; being Economic and Wholesome Recipes for

Breakfast, Luncheon, and Supper. By Mary Hooper. (Henry S. King and Co.)—Our already deep obligations to Miss Hooper, to whom the public owes its rescue from "cold mutton, again "—or may owe that rescue if it chooses—are weightily increased by this excellent and practical little book. From the era of its appearance, and its assimilation by his womankind, many a British householder will date his emanci- pation from the abhorred regime of eggs and bacon for breakfast. The recipes for little dishes are all excellent, and so clearly worded, that presumptuous man instantly believes, on reading them, that he could descend into the kitchen and "toss up" the little dishes without any difficulty. Over the introductory instructions in economic cookery he will be apt to grow pensive, if not actually desponding, and to doubt the possibility of realising such a vision of immaculate stew-pans and suppressed " perquisites," of conscientiously prepared stock-pots and dripping applied to its legitimate purposes, on this side of that state of -existence in which we may reasonably hope we shall need no broth, and have no cooks to spoil it.