24 OCTOBER 1908, Page 3

We regret to record the death on Wednesday of Professor

Charles Eliot Norton. the well-known American scholar and philanthropist. Norton enjoyed an almost lifelong friendship with Ruskin, who used to speak of him as his tutor, and made him his literary executor. He was also the friend of Carlyle, Longfellow, Emerson, Clough, Oliver Wendell Holmes, and J. R. Lowell, with whom he shared for some time the editor. ship of the North American Review. He will long leave the mark of his high character and sensitive scholarship on Harvard, where be was Professor of the History of Fine Art for twenty-four years. We must not forget to mention the Dante Society, which he founded, and of which Longfellow was the first president. Norton was sometimes accused of undue pessimism, but that was probably only the reverse side of his own high ideals and ambitions for his country.