24 OCTOBER 1952, Page 16

Bevanite Broadcasting

Sot,—In his article on the controversy within the Labour Party, Mr. Gaitskell omitted to mention another sphere of propaganda in which -the Bevanites excel. He is certainly right when he says, " The cam- paign has been well -.planned and carried out by men whose capacity in the art of popular journalism, should not be under-estimated "; but why not include broadcasting within their successes ? Indeed, I would say that this. haS been their greatest medium, with an audience far ,greater than can, be obtained through the Press or platform.

In fact, it is "quite illuminating to study the programmes for the broadcasts made in the early part of this year. This was one of the busiest periods of the Bevanites' activity, and their more prominent speakers were included in many broadcasts.. Perhaps this free publicity had -an appreciable effect on the proceedings at the Morecambe