24 OCTOBER 1952, Page 5

* * The death this week of Theodore Taylor, of Batley,

at the age of 102 will be noted with interest as well as regret by those who remember the article he contributed to the Spectator two years ago in the week of his hundredth birthday, recording some of the lessons he had learned in his/astonish- ingly long life. Some will recall him primarily as a pioneer in the profit-sharing movement, others as an active Liberal Member of Parliament, others as a staunch Congregationalist —and, more comprehensively, as a typical hard-headed and human Yorkshireman. I first met him in the early part of the century in-connection with the anti-opium movement, which he saw carried to success, largely through his own efforts, through abolition of the Indian export-trade in the drug. It was characteristic of him that some correspondence I had with him about the birthday article I have mentioned consisted of dictated typescript on my side, and on his of bold handwritten letters in which every word was legible. * * *