24 SEPTEMBER 1836, Page 19

WILKIE'S popular picture of " The Penny Wedding" has given

an extensive celebrity to a national custom now become obsolete. The Penny Wedding derived its name from the, circumstance of each of. the guests contributing his "penny fee" to the cost of the provisions and whisky so abundantly dispensed during the festivities, which lasted three or four days. The scandal that commonly followed these revel- lings led to their being put down. Mr. JOHN GRANT (late of the Elgin Courier), unwilling that an old Scottish custom should pass away without some memorial of its ceremonials, has delineated in six aquatint plates the principal scenes : these are " The Feet Washing," " Meeting the First Foot," " The Bride's Welcome Home," " The Wedding Dinner," " The Shamit Reel," "Throwing the Stocking ;" which are accompanied by letterpress descriptions. The plates have no pretensions to notice as works of art ; but satisfactory testimony to the merit and fidelity of the representations is given by Sir DAVID WILKIE.