24 SEPTEMBER 1836, Page 5

In the Ulster Times, we find recorded the proceedings at

a meeting of a General Synod of that province, held on the previous Thursday. The gratifying result of the discussion that took place was the affirma- tion of a resolution moved by Dr. Cooke, whose unwearied religious zeal, and the ability which he brings to its aid, have rendered him fa- vourably known far beyond the immediate scene of his exertions. This resolution was, in effect, "that the Synod refrain from connect- ing itself with the National Board of Education ;" and the votes on the question were divided in the following proportions :

For the resolution-Ministers, 27; Elders, 3-30

Against it Ditto 1; Ditto...1 - 2

Majority - 28

To all who reprobate, as we do, the mutilation of the Scriptures- to all who protest against a concurrence with the Popish priesthood of Ireland in withholding from the children of Protestants a knowledge of the foundation on which their faith should be fixed-this resolution of the Synod of Ulster is mutter for sincere and honest rejoicing- Morning Post. [The Post is grateful for small things. The numbers present at this vote of the Synod were so small, that they could scarcely be considered as more than a fraction of the whole body. A very numerous assembly of the Synod some time ago, recorded their approbation of the Government plan of education.]

The congregations of Dromara and Bangor have set the example to the other Presbyterians of Ulster in denouncing the Tory bigotry of Dr. Cooke and his tools in the Synod of Ulster.