24 SEPTEMBER 1836, Page 5

Mr. O'Connell has written a letter to the Waterford Chronicle,

to express his regret at being unable to attend a public dinner to be given in Waterford to Mr. Villiers Stuart, on account of the alarming Illness of Mrs. O'Connell. The letter is highly eulogistic of Mr. Stuart.

The Dublin Evening Mad contradicts the story of Chief Baron Joy's illness at Naples, and says that the " righteous " Judge of the Irish Exchequer Court is in good health at Baden. From a Parliamentary return to a motion by Mr. Sheil, it appears that between August 1835 and February 1836, six hundred and sixty. four bills for the recovery of tithes were filed in the Court of Ex- 4t.frquer. • Mr. Nichol], a Conservative candidate of great influence, will con- test the borough of Youghul next election, and most likely drive Mr. John O'Connell out of the representation.-Limerieh Chronicle.-A Tory paper.