24 SEPTEMBER 1836, Page 5

Upon Sunday last, no fewer than five-and-twenty Irish counties were

the scene of organized and systematic agitation. Thus, through- out six-sevenths of Ireland's superficial extent, at every chapel to which the people congregated to discharge the offices of religion, the sermon was no sooner ended, and the religious ceremonies completed, than the chapel was converted into the receptacle of a political assembly, and priest joined with patriot politician in practically and energetically im- pressing upon the minds of the people the causes which have produced the present crisis, and the dirties which it demands. The obloquy of being governed as aliens, and reviled as willing slaves, was then empha- tically denounced ; the advantages of registering every accessible vote were strongly enforced; and, with the enthusiasm which belongs to their national character, hundreds came forward and declared their in- tention-an intention which is now immutable-to secure the Parlia- mentary qualification at the ensuing Sessions. At all their meetings, clubs (parochial and baronial), and committees of the whole county were formed (if not previously in existence), and a sufficient number of "good men and true "-of men possessing intelligence and influence, and enjoying in the highest degree the confidence of the people-were nominated to the important duty of arranging and superintending the Registries. These committees commenced their functions on the spot, by taking a list of the names of those who had volunteered their efforts to procure the franchise.-Dublin Correspondent 1 the Courier.