25 APRIL 1857, Page 19


PROM THE LONDON GAZETTE, APRIL 21. Partnerships Dissolesd.-The Stansfleld Printing Company, 'Mansfield and Manchester, calico-printere--Gelley and Co. Felling, Durham, iron-workers-Grundy and Co. Bedford, Lancashire, cotton-spinners-Miskin and Halls. Queen Elizabeth Street, Southwark, surgeons-Payne and Co. Church Street, Bermondsey, vinegarmakers ; as far as regards W. Payne-Morris and Co. Harpurhey, Lancashire, cobton. spinners-J. W. and J. T. Mead. Westbourne Park Villas, and Hereford Road, Paddington, builders-Estwick and Tyler, Plaistow, )apanners-Long and Co. Wotton-under-Edge, clothiers ; as far as regards J. Smith-II. and IL Billington, Salford and Manchester, small-ware-manufacturers-Wilding and Co. Manchester, mercantile-stationers-Smith and Lockwood, St. Swithin's Lane, and Place Van. dame, Paris, engineers-'Pownend and Co. Bradford, Yorkshire, colliery-proprietors -Forster and Harris, Cardiff, cat-yore-Haworth and Bailey, Wigan, chemistsCooke and Smith, Cheltenham, fanners-Foster and Routledge, Stockton and Middlesbrough, Lenora-Ryder and Co. Leicester, engineers ; as far as regards G. Ryder

Armitage and Co. Manchester, manufacturers ; as far as regards W. Heap-WII, kinson and Heap, Manchester, commission-agents-Wallies and Wynn, Dewsbury, cabinet-makers-Greames and Co. Liverpool and Dublin, and Oreame, Brothers, Hull, wool-brokers-Toogood and Whitfield, Everton, Liverpool, coach-proprietors

Allen and M'Callum, Helper, manufacturers of bricks-White and Son, West Ram, Essex, and Wapping, corn-merchants. Bankrupts.-LEONAUU DALTON, Canal Bridge, Ohl Kent Road, stone-merchant, to surrender May 5, June 2: solicitors, Lawrence and Co. Old Jewry Chambers ; official assignee, Lee, Aldermanbury. Ovular Barman, Leadenhall Market, and Windsor, provision-dealer, May 5, June 2; solicitors, Lawrence and Co. Old Jewry Chambers ; official assignee, Edwards, Sambrook Court. ItonEwr Astuarro, Duxford. Cambridgeshire, brewer, May 4, June 3: solicitor ,s Aldridge and Bmmley, Gray's Inn ; Probeit and Wade, Saffron Walden; official assignee, Pennell, Guildhall Chambers, SAMUEL Joev.en Sarni, Birmingham, auctioneer, May 1, 22: solicitors, Knight and Suckling, Birrninghtmi ; official assignee, Christie, Birmingham. HENRY Nortt, Phillack, Cornwall. accountant, April 30, May 28 : solicitors, Rep curia and Davies, Penzance; Stogdon, Exeter ; official assignee, Hirtzel, Exeter. FEMME/LICK tharsommu and .114sac SARAN, Liverpool, commission-merchants, May 4, June 1: solicitors, Holelen and Son, Liverpool; official assignee, Cazenove, Liver. pool. THOMAS EVANS, Newtown, Montgomeryshire, flannel-manufacturer, May 4, June 1; solicitor, Jowl., Newtown; official assignee, Cazenove, Liverpool. MICHAEL Nevitte, Liverpool, brass-founder, May 8,28: solicitor, Dodge, Liver. pool ; official assignee, Bird, Liverpool. Joss Wicic, Sheffield, eleetro-plater, May 2, June 6: solicitors, Smith and Burdekin, Sheffield ; official assignee, Brewin, Sheffield, JOHN SHAW and JOSEPH Snow, Sheffield, tailors, May 2, June 6: solicitor, Broadbent, Sheffield ; official assignee, Brewin, Sheffield. Jon,, PEPPER and Epwrs ADDY llorants, Sheffield, grocers,. May 9, June 6: solicitors, Chambers and Waterhouse, Sheffield ; official assignee, Brewin, Sheffield. Dividends.-May 12, Smith, Egham, Surrey, cattle-dealer-May 14, Woollatt, Crown Court, Philpot Lane, tea-dealer-May 12, Bishop, Crosby Hall Chambers, and elsewhere, wine-merchant-May 12, Rennison, Milk Street, Cheapside, merchant, and Matson Terrace, Kingsland Road, schoolmaster-May 12, Diundale, King's Arms Yard, Coleman Street, dealer in iron-May 1:4, Hammond, Scott's Yard, Bush Lane, ship-owner-May 14, Cooper Gen. Chisworth, Glossop, Derbyshire, cotton-epinner-May 18, Cooper, Oldham, Lancashire, groccr-May 19, King, Spalding, Lincolnshire, victualler-May 19, Linfoot, Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, builder -May 16, Parker. Birmingham, victualler-May 15, Charles and Fordyce, Haugh. ton, Northumberland, paper-manufacturers-May 12, Rose, St. Helen's, Lancaehire, miller-May 12, Sherratt, Crewe, Cheshire, innkeeper-May 12, Jones, Chester, draper. Certificates to be granted unless cause be shown to the contrary on the day of meeting.-May 12, Smith, Egham, Surrey, cattle-dealer-May Id, Cooper, Wandsworth, grocer-May 13, Bunting, Colchester, seedsman-May 13, Mom, Disaster Court, Mincing Lane, rice-merchant—May 13, Mosley, Hyde Street, Bloomsbury, gold-beater—May 13, Harvey junior, Cnitchedfriars, merchant—May 12. Campin, Watling Street, warehouseman—May 12, Muckleston, Hackney Road Crescent, boot-manufacturer—May 19, Smith, Harriet Street, Sloane Street, apothecary—May 14, Lloyd, Cannon Street and Lewisham, merchant—May 14, Cavens, Carlisle, jeweller—May 14, Kirkup, Jarrow, Durham, brick-manufacturer—May 14, Spilsbtir3-, Wolverhampton, builder—May 14, Suckling junior, Birmingham, hop-dealer.

Declarations of Dicidends.—Hawkes, Abingdon Street, coal-merchant ; third and final div. of 7td. on Wednesday next ; Lee, Aldermanbury—Young. Manchester and Liverpool, ship-broker ; first div. of 38. 2d. on Wednesday next ; Lee, Aldermanhury—Farebrother and Co. Stockwell and Manchester, wax-merchants ; first die. of 3s. on Wednesday next and three subsequent Wednesdays; Edwards, Sambrook Court—Pickering, Piccadilly, bookseller; fifth div. of Is. 6cl. on Wednesday next and three subsequent Wednesdays; Edwards, Sambrook Court—Whitmore and Co. Lombard Street, bankers ; tenth dir. of 1st. any Thursday; Stansfeld. Basinghall Street—Amer, Bradford, grocer ; second div. of 1lid. any Friday ; Hope, Leeds—Sugden and Webster, Bradford, wool-staplers; first div. of 11 1-16d. any Friday ; Hope, Leeds—Clayton, Bradford, commission-agent ; first div. of Is. 6d. any Friday—Wood, Bingley, worsted-spinner ; first div. of ls. 74d. any Friday ; Hope, Leeds—Hobby, Garston and Warrington, builder ; first div. of 6s. 8d. any Monday; Bird, Liverpool—Reid, Liverpool, tailor ; first div. of 4s. any Monday ; Bird, Liverpool—Roberts, Holyhead, ship-builder; second div. of 61d. any Monday ; Bird, Liverpool.

Secteh Seguestrations.—Dunlop, Middleriggend, Slamannan, farmer, April 28 — Haddon' Newhaven, coal-merchant, April 27—Fraser, Inverness, coal-merchant, April 2g—Shaw, Dumbarton, potato-merchant, April 24-51'Gill, Kilmarnock, draper, April 24.


Partnerships Diasoked.—Whelan and Whiny, Sheffield, woollen-drapers—Whitty and Whelan, Liverpool, woollen-drapers—Delany and Cook, Tipton, iron-founders—Petrie and Co. Liverpool, galvanizers of iron—Clarke and Golling, Ba_sford, Nottingham, builders--Adamson and Swarbrick, Preston, iron-Tounders—Bownells and Co. Buenos Ayres and Monte Video, merehants—Laban and Hill, Hilton, Derby, pig-dealers—Wainwright and Co. Manchester, whiting-manufacturers—Fowler and Caney, Market Rasen and Sheffield, millere—Titterington and Neale, Liverpool, grocers—Owen and Co. Carnarvon, slate-dealers—Robson and Co. South Audley Street, coach-makers—Ilessildin and Sons, Halifax, masons—Fanner and hull, Preston, drapers—Glase and Thompson, West Hartlepool, joiners—Cunliffe and Spencer, Bury, engravers—Snow and D'Olier, Tredegar Square, York Place, Mileend Road, surgeons—Johnson and Loader, Clement's Lane, bill-brokers—Gledhill and Co. Halifax, silk-dressers ; as far as regards G. Gledhill—B. and R. Ashworth, Newchurch, Lancashire, cotton-spinners—Bowden and Co. Stockport, cotton-wastespinners—G. and W. Stevens, Norwich, ironmongers—Morris and Rye, Danbury, surgeons—Nield and Co. Addle Street, shirt-makers—Herbert and Co. Nottingham, lace-manufacturers ; as far as regards T. Gauntley—Fell mid Co. Agnes Terrace and Wood Street, Finsbury, carvers—Hill and Co. Manchester, fent-merchantsNewton and Thomas, Wapping, and Temple Meads, Bristol, coal-merchants—Waring and Norris, Wells Street, Oxford Street, window-glass-cutters—Isaacson and TattersalLCIare, Suffolk, and Newmarket, auctioneers—Dobson and Bailey, Womb well, York, iron-founders—Gott and Holt, Manchester, iron-founders.

Bankrupts.—T110MAS GAME, Coldwaltham, Sussex, corn-dealer, to surrender May 5, June 3: solicitor, Murrough, New Inn, Strand ; official assignee, Stansfeld.

EDMUND STEPHENSON, Daventry, iron-founder, May 6, June 9: solicitors, Linklater and Hackwood, Sise Lane ; official assignee, Graham.

WILLIAM Purim WAUGH, Branksea Island, Studland, Dorset, and Little Abingdon Street, Westminster, brick-maker, May 7, June 13: solicitors, Linklater and Ilackwood, fuse Lane ; official assignee, Bell, Coleman Street Buildings. Wituax Noon, St. John Street, Smithfield Bars, victualler, May 6, June 5; solicitor, Heath, Artillery Place West, Finsbury; official assignee, Nicholson Monte CHARLE8 Csumt:ra„ Kensington Park Gardens, Notting Hill, dealer, May 7, June 5: solicitors, Lawrence and Co. Old Jewry Chambers ; official assignee, Cannan, Aldermanbury. THOMAS BENNEIT, Oldbury, Worcestershire, and Westbromivich, Staffordshire, iron-master, May 7, 28 solicitor, Smith, Birmingham ; official assignee, Whitmore, Birmingham, THOMAS HENRY GRIFFITH, Lowesmoor, Worcestershire, coal-dealer, May 7,28: solicitor, Smith, Birmingham ; official assignee, Whitmore, Birmingham. Joexru HARDT, Nottingham, miller, Nay S, 26: solicitors, Bewley and Ashwell, Nottingham ; Dal lid assignee, Ilarris, Nottingham. ELIZABETH CLARKE, Newport, Monmouthshire, potter, May 5, June 2: solicitor, Champ, Newport ; Bevan and Girling, Bristol ; official assignee, Acranian, Bristol.

CHARLES IICRRT RICHES, Cardiff, carrier, May 5, June 2: solicitors, Walton, Cardiff; Bevan and (lining, Bristol; official assignee, Miller, Bristol. PATRICK DENNISON, Bradford, Yorkshire, grocer, May 11, June 9: solicitors, Livett, Manchester ; Payne and Co. Leeds ; official assignee, Hope, Leeds. ROBERT CARTER OUSTON, Hull, corn-merchant, May 6, June 10; solicitors, England and Saxelbye, Hull; official assignee, Carrick, Hull. SAMUEL and NICHOLAS HUNTER, Hartlepool, anchor-manufacturers, May 5, June 10: solicitors, Watson, Newcastle-upon-Tyne ; Hanvood, Clement's Lute; official assignee, Baker, Neweastle-upon-Tyne, Diridends.—May 19, Ounpin, Watling Street, warehouseman—Slay 18, Elsam, Heyford and Bugbrook, Northampton. wonstone-master—May 18, Morris, Wisheach, grocer—Mar 15, Cleary, Church Road, Dc Beauvioir Square, builder—May 15, 011ivier, New /Rind Street, musie-aeller—May 15, Cooper, Bawdsey, Suffolk, grocer—May 15, Moore, Manchester, livery-stable-keeper—May 27, Sketchley, Horneastle, scrivener—May 91, West, 13eckington, Somerset, miller—May 21, Skinnerjunior, Bristol, tailor—May 19, Hughes, Holywell, grocer—May 22, Gladstone janior, Liverpool, iron-founder—May 21, T.G. Manson, Liverpool, wine-merchant May 21, E. AlanSon, Liverpool, wine-merchant—May 21, 1.7nwin, SeacoMbe, Chester,


Certificates to be granted unless cause be shown to the contrary on the day of meeting.—May 19, Collis, Bishops Stanford, draper—May 18, Geoghean, Palsgrave Place, Strand, engraver—May 15, Pulbrook, Surbiton, grocer—May 15, Stanbury, Richmond. draper—May 15, Walters, Northampton. hatter—May 15, Ward, Wisbech St. Peter, plumber—May 15, Graves, Gravesend, corn-inerelutnt—May 19, Oldster, Baker Street, saddler—May 26, Skinner junior, Bristol, tailor—May 29, 'West, Beckington, Somerset, miller—May 15, Stoveld, Blyth, ship-builder—May 18, (1. S. and J. Wright, Liverpool, brewers—May 19, Tweedale, Ashton-under-Lyne, grocer—June 3, Belton, Murton, and Ilonwastle, and I.ineoln, maltster—June 3, Oliver, Walkington, York, grocer—May 18, Marlow, Walsall, iron-founder.

Declarations of Diridends.—Donglas, Sumner Tenure, Brampton ; first div. of 54. 8d. Wednesday next, and two subsequent Wednesdays ; Edwards, Sambrook Court-:-Symes and Co. Strand, electro-platers ; first div. of 2s, 8d, Wednesday next, and two subsequent Wednesdays ; Edwards, Sambrook Court—Sugar, Haslingden, Lancashire, manufacturer; first div. of 10s. any Tuesday ; Hernaman, Manchester— Jones, Birmingham, grocer ; first div. of Is. 6d. any Friday ; Whitmore, Binningham—Southall junior, Birmingham, merchant ; second div. of 7d. any Friday ; Whitmore, Birmingham—Jenkins, Birmingham, draper; first div. of 28. 3d. any Friday; Whitmore, Birmingham—Copeland, Liverpool, merchant ; first div. of Is. 3d. any Monday ; Bird, laverpool-L-Wakinshaw, Monkmearinouth, iron-manufitetlirer ; second div. of 3s. (in addition to Is. 2d. previously declared,) any Saturday; Baker, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Scotch Seguestration.—Bruce, Dunfermline, merchant, May I.