25 APRIL 1941, Page 1

The Greek Government in Crete In Greece events have crowded

one upon another in quick succession able in the military and the political sphere. King George's decision to withdraw with the Government from Athens, and to transfer the capital of the• country to Crete_ was dictated by the position on the fighting-from • In his address lathe people he had to • tell them the tragic news that the Greek Army of Epirus—that is, the army which; fighting in Albania; had a long distance to withdraw with a flank exposed to the Get, s—had si ithout the know- ledge of the vernment, and had capitulated. Under these circumstances every consideration of prudence clearly demanded that the Government should lose no time in establishing itself on the most secure position on Greek soil that could be found --namely, on the island of Crete—and directing affairs thence. The decision was taken only a few days after the country had been lamenting the death of M. Korizis, the successor of General Metaxas. In the interval the King had himself assumed the Presidency in the Government, and performed the duties of a Prime Minister until he found in M. Tsouderos the right man to carry on the Government with the full confidence of the military leaders and all parties in the State. Now he and the members of his new Government have the sad duty of withdrawing from their revered capital under the Acropolis. But to the Greeks the islands are no unimportant part of their country. The King will still be ruling his people on Greek soil.