25 APRIL 1941, Page 14

" SUPPRESSIO VERI " Sot,:--Some months ago I listened to

Adolf Hitler broadcasting from Berlin. He taunted the B.E.F. for having run away from the Germans at Dunkirk. Last Wednesday I listened to Admiral Sir Frederic Dreyer broadcasting the war-commentary from London. He referred incidentally to the battle of Jutland, where, he said, the Germans ran away. He said nothing else at all about that engagement. Every naval officer, I suppose, knows what happened at Jutland. Admiral- Dreyer certainly knows, for he was Jelhcoe's flag-captain at the times It is to be feared, however, that no more than a small proportion of the listening pu8lic have those facts in mind They are given in every 'trustworthy account of the Jutland action, including the official history; and they do, at least, account for the German practice of celebrating the anniversary of Jutland as that of a German victory.

I need not particularise: the subject is not an agreeable one in any case. But I do not think that the B.B.C. ought to be made the medium of a falsification of recent history—I mean of the supirressio veri kind. To put it on no higher grounds, can we afford to desiSise our enemy at the present crisis of the Battle of the Atlantic?—Yours„