25 APRIL 1941, Page 2

A Canadian and U.S.A. Plan

President Roosevelt and his visitor, Mr. Mackenzie King, the Canadian Prime Minister, have lost no time in tackling the practical issues of co-operation between the United States and Canada, and on Sunday issued a joint statement. Both countries are bent on mobilising all their forces with the double object of aiding Britain and 'defending the Western Hemisphere; and they argue that more still might be done if plans were made such that each country can readily supply the other with goods it is specially qualified to produce. For instance, so far as Canada requires component parts to be used in munitions which Canada is making for Britain, these could be provided under the Lease and Lend Act. But more stress still is laid upon the arrangements by which Canada will be able to pay for its pur- chases by certain defence-articles which she is in a position to supply and the United States needs, such as aluminium, and certain kinds of ships and munitions. This-two-fold agreement will both ease the dollar-accountancy between the two countries and facilitate quick exchanges of the goods which the two countries urgently need. In effect the plan is one for pooling the resources of the North American Continent, with a view to the utmost possible production for the war-effort of the democracies.