25 APRIL 1941, Page 20

Evening Tattoo. By Brigadier-General A. F. U. Green. (Stanley Paul.


Tins is a very crisply written book of memoirs by a soldier with a wide scope of interests. In the Great War Brigadier-General Green saw service in Flanders (where he was one of the youngest Brigadiers) and in Italy. He served on the Inter-Allied Com- mission which arranged the peace terms with the Germans at Spa. From 1920 to 194 he was officer in charge of Administra- tion in Malta and was largely responsible for the successful despatch of the relief force to Chanak in 1922. Brigadier-General Green writes pungently and has a pretty wit; his own experiences are admirably described, -and his discussions of general topics re- lated to his own work always possess point and interest. His book can be very warmly recommended.