25 APRIL 1941, Page 22




THE annual general court of the London Assurance will be held at the head office, n King William Street, London, E.C., on April Nth, 1941. The following is a summary of the statement issued on the publication of the accounts by the Governor, Mr. R. Olaf 117nbro: Nineteen hundred and forty was the closing year of the cr-:r-lor" nium period 1935-1940. The life assurance fund on Decernt-cr 3Ist, 1940, was at the substantial figure of £10,968,393. The primary con- sideration in so far as declaration of bonus was concerned whl.:h had actuated the court of directors was the conservation of the strength in the fund on a basis equitable to all their policyholders. . The valuation figures disclosed an exceedingly strong pos:tion of security to their life policyholders, and in the better times which NveFe surely ahead of them, their participation in the profits would es/1.11)14 as they had in the past, the tangible effects of the sound management of that section of their operations. As to the profit and loss account, taking the various transfe:s from the revenue accounts, the comparative figures turned out to be that it' -1_939 the total of those transfers amounted to £379,000 and 'n I94,° the total was all but the same at £376,000, which was a cr.,iitab.e achievement.