25 APRIL 1941, Page 3

The Women Register

The first step in the registration of women for war-work was taken last Saturday, when three hundred thousand young women filled up forms which will show how they are situated, and whether they should be called upon to take up some form of essential war-work. Later, when these forms have been studied, some of them will be selected for interviews, and advised as to the kind of work they should accept. Obviously those who are at present unemployed, or are engaged in jobs which could be undertaken equally well by older women in their locality, will first be expected to offer their services. For many it will be difficult to undertake war-work out of their own district, but there will be many others who will be asked to be available to go anywhere, and serve where most needed. In regard to the latter, the Minister of Labour has promised to make provision for their welfare bath in the factories and out, and it is important that careful preliminary arrangements should be made for billeting. In view of the fact that the large army of women who, on the completion of registration, will become available for war-work, will have to be absorbed not all at once, but gradually, special care must be taken to cause no more dislocation than is necessary. That is a reason why the registration of all age-groups should be com- pleted as soon as possible, so that those who can be most easily spared in any age-group may be selected first, and those on whom there are strong claims elsewhere should be taken last. This is a point to which it is to be hoped the Ministry of Labour will give "attention. Otherwise there may be an unnecessary stampede among the younger women away from existing useful employment, while many older women perfectly suitable for war-work are left out.