25 APRIL 1941, Page 5

"Of the eighteen Prime-Ministers between 1837 and 1937," said Sir

Richard Livingstone in his presidential address to the Classical Association on Tuesday, "ten were good classical scholars, and four others had learnt both Latin and Greek." This presents an interesting problem of identification, compli- cated a little by doubt as to how much is meant by "learnt both Latin and Greek." .Does this imply Sixth Form Classics? Or University? Or what? Anyhow here is the list. 1 star my own choices of the ten classical scholars, and italicise the four non-classics; the four who "learnt Latin and Greek" I leave undenoted. Melbourne*, Peel*, Russell, Derby*, Aber- deen*, Palmerston, Disraeli, Gladstone*, Salisbury, Rosebery*, Balfour*, Campbeil-Bannerman*, Asquith*, Lloyd George, Boner Law, Baldwin*, Ramsay MacDonald, Chamberlain.