25 AUGUST 1866, Page 21

Institutes of Jurisprudence. First Book. By W. A. Montriou, Ad-

vocate of the High Court, Bengal. (Macmillan.)—This work is a resume, methodized and compressed, of oral lectures delivered to the law classes of the Presidency College, and may be useful to those who are in the same position in this country. We are not aware of any work of a similar character that places before the student in a concise way the general principles of law. Mr. Montrion is a man of practical experience and extensive reading, and justifies his text by an abundance of quotation from the leading authorities. In the present publication he deals with the definition of terms, the growth of society and of rights, and the general analysis of law. He purposes in a future volume to continue the treatment of the subject, so as to render the whole work a complete introduction to the study.