25 AUGUST 1866, Page 22

Familiar Words : an Index Verbonw; or Quotation Handbook. By

J. Hain Friswell. Second Edition, revised and enlarged. (Sampson Low, Son, and Marston.)—Mr. Friswell has benefited by the criticism that certainly did not spare the first edition of this useful book. He has corrected his mistakes, added a quantity of matter, and rewritten his index. This index is now very complete, and remedies a mischief that rendered his former volume almost useless. It was quite im- possible to comprehend the principle on which he selected the key- words of his quotations, and the consequence was that one often. searched in vain for the passage one wanted. Now all the important, words are given in the index, and this ground for complaint has dis- appeared. We do not know of any that remains, or why Mr. Friswell should not now enjoy all the credit that his labour and reading entitle him to. The book is turned out with great taste by the publishers, and we should think that most people would find it a pleasant and serviceable addition to their library.