25 AUGUST 1866, Page 3

The Moniteur of the 21st inst. contained a very remarkable

paragraph. After noticing the report that the Emperor had written to the King of the Belgians disclaiming ideas of annex- ation, the official journal continues :—" This intelligence is erro- neous. Although it is true that the French Minister for Foreign Affairs has informed the British Government that France would not demand the fortresses of Marienburg and Philippeville, which are in the hands of a neutral power, it is not correct that the Emperor has written to the King of the Belgians." We record -the ipsissinta verba, because they may •yet give rise to a Parlia- mentary debate. The Moniteur is not accustomed to discussions =with Mr. Reuter, and that paragraph is either a menace to Prussia, which ie not "neutral," or a hint to the French people that England has interfered.