25 DECEMBER 1830, Page 4


and effectual Reform in all inferior Courts of Record. Inhabitants ot Bristol. • ALEXANDER filuita.tv.—Complaining of the seizure of a vessel belonging to him it Bahamas, and praying for redress.

• For the more easy recovery of small debts. Tradesmen in the borough of Cockermouth.

EMIGEATION.—For aid. Journeymen coopers of the city of Cork. For an inquiry as to the manner in which the disposal of waste lands in the Colo- nies may be rend, red most conducive to the beneficial emigration of the labouring classes of the United Kingdom. Landowners, merchants, and others interested in the mitigation of the existing evils of pauperism, arising from a redundant popu- lation throughout the kingdom. FOREION Wit EAT.—That foreignwheat may be allowed to be taken out of bond, and manufactured for exportation to the Colonies. Corn millers and marine bakers of and near London. HINDOO Dows.—For the abolition of the practice in India of widows burning themselves on the funeral piles of their husbands. Inhabitants of Boston. IRELAND—Corporate Eights.—For an extension of the rights and franchise of the city of Cork. Inhabitant householders of Cork. Dublin ltecorder.—Complaining of the absence of the Recorder of Dublin from his official duties ; and for a revision of the local regulations of the Gaol. Persons confined in the gaol of Newgate, for various alleged crimes and misdemeanours, but still untried, ' Educalion.—Against any further grant to the Kildare Street Society. Inhabitants of Gilchrist, lathe county of Galway ; Roman Catholic inhabitants of Kilbride ; parishioners of the united parishes of Castlemore and Kilcolman ; inhabitants of the united parishes of Kiliconduff and Muleck. ElectirsFranchisc.—To place the mercantile and trading classes of Galway on an equal footing with Protestants, in regard to the Elective Franchise. Grand Jury of the county of the town of Galway; inhabitants of Galway, Bohermore, and New- townsmith, Galway; parishioners of the wardenship of Galway; Protestant parish- ioners-of St. Nicholas, in the wardenship of Galway. Military Baggage.—Complaining of the present rates for the conveyance thereof. Carmen of the city and county of Londonderry. Taxation.—For the repeal of the Coal Duties. Inhabitants of Belfast ; J. Mac- kenzie and Co.,' distillers residing at Belfast. Tithes and Church-Mlles.—For an alteration in the law, no tise.t, in fotore.. parish in Ireland; In which there is neither a Protestant church nor a.dProtestant inhabitant, shall be liable to the payment of tithes and church-rates. Inhabitants of Clondigade.

• dse.—For the repeal thereof. Inhabitants of Clonoulty; tailors of Limerick; mayor, bailiffs, and others, ot Youghall.

LABOURERS' WAGES.—Against the practice of paying them by goods. Clergy- men, manufacturers, tradesmen, and inhabitants of Stockport.

METROPOLITAN Potters ACT.—For the. repeal thereof. Overseers of the poor, and inhabitant householders of Saffron Hill, Hatton Garden, and Ely Rents; inha- bitant householders of Lambeth. Complaining of the expense of it. Rate-payers and inhabitants of St. Mary, Strat- ford, Bow. OATHS IN PARLIAMENT 13114—Against. Rev. Sir Harcourt Lees, Bart. POOR.—That an act may be passed for disafforesting Waltham Forest, and ern.: ploying the poor In the cultivation of the waste land therein. Montague Burgoyne, EN, POST-Oreics.—That the district of Belgrave Square, Eaton Square, and the squares and places adjacent. May be included in the limit of the General Post Deli- very. Inhabitants of that district. RETRENCHMENT, REFoRm, AND VOTE BY BALtcer.—In favour thereof. Chap- roan Marshall and William Henry Poland, Sheriffs of Middlesex. REFORM IN PARLIAMENT.—In favour of. Freeholders and inhabitants of the hundred of Tydar; of Trigg, and of inhabitants of Roseland; provost, magistrates, and town council of the royal burgh of Annan ; inhabitants of St. Alban; free- holders, copyholders, and inhabitants of St. Ives, Huntingdon. RCOTLAND—RoyalBurghs.—Petition for the alteration of the systems of Portia- mentaryand Burgh Elections. Provost, magistrates, fenars, and others, of Castle Douglas ; mechanics, artisans, and labourers of Arbroath; John Maxwell, chairman ofa meeting of noblemen, gentlemen, and others, in the county of-Renfrew; Incor- porated tailors of the city of Edinburgh; burgesses and inhabitants of Nairn; in- habitants of Leslie; magistrates and town-council of Howick ; inhabitants of Cupar ; convener, master of hospital, deacons, and whole of other members of the Inenrporated trades of Aberdeen; burgesses and inhabitants of Stirling; convener, trades, Wallies, collector, deacons, and visiter of the fourteen incorporated trades, and other ordinary and extraordinary members Of the trades' house of the city of Glasgow ; convener, deacons, crafts, and whole other members of the nine incorpo- rated trades of the royal burgh of Dundee; burgesses, householders, and inhabi- tants of the royal burgh of Tedbiagqr burgesses; merchants, and householders of the royal burgh of Dumfries ; burgesses and inhabitants of the royal burgh of Dunbar; convene; deacons, and seven incorporated trades' with the royal burgesses and inhabitants Of the royal burgh of Crail ; baron, burgh, and parish of Strathness (Fife) ; provost, magistrates, and town council, guilding, . trades, burgesses, and householders of the royal burgh of Montrose ; operatives employed at Kirkland Works, lathe county of Rife; Merchants' House at Glasgow; inhabitants of the burgh of Auchtermuchty; William Scott, convener of the Six Incorporated Trades of the royal burghs of Band'; provost, magistrates, town council, and others, of the royal burgh of Montrose; heritors and holders of land and houses in Hamilton; of liaised; of Dalzeil ; and of the Incorporation of Maltmen at Leith; inhabitants of Eirkaldy ;-burgesses, merchants, and others of the royal burghs of Kirkcudbright; burgesses and inhabitants of the royal burgh of Linlithgow; inhabitants of Sallcoats, and other parts of the parishes of Androssan and Stevenson.

Tallow Candles.—For the repeal of the Excise duty. Manufacturers of tallow caudles In Hirkaldy and neighbourhood. StAvsav.—That the House will, in its proceedings uponthe question of Slavery, adopt no measures inconsistent with the safety of the Colonies, the well-being of the Slaves, and with a full and equitable regard to the rights Of property involved. Inhabitants of Bristol. In favour of the abolition of. Seventy-eight petitions from the Inhabitants of differeht places and religions bodies. TniAtrion.—Assessed Taxes—For the repeal thereof. Inhabitants of Marsden; of Brampton; householders and inhabitants of St. Michael; inhabitants of Mans- field ; aldermen, common council, and inhabitants of the Ward of Aldgate; inhabi- tant householders of Saint Luke, Chelsea; Overseers of the poor and inhabitant householders of Saffron Hill, Hatton Garden, and Ely Rents ; George A. hiushett, churchwarden, and chairman of the inhabitants of St. Mary Magdalen, Bermondsey, Inhabitants of St. Andrew, Norwich. Coal Duties.—For the repeal thereof. Inhabitants of St. Austell ; coal proprie- tors, merchants, shipowners, and others of Swansea ; Lessees of coalmines on the coast of Cumberland, and masters of ships of the ports of Workington and Harring- ton ; of the corporation of Canterbury) inhabitants of St. Alban. Calico and Cotton.—For the repeat of the excise duty thereon. Merchants, manu- facturers, trucksmen, and others of Stockport, connected with the manufactures of printed cotton calicoes.

House and Window Duties.—For the repeal thereof. Inhabitant householders of Bath ; inhabitant householders and proprietors of Cheltenham. Income Ta.r.—Complainiug of the present mode of taxation, and praying for the adoption of a well-regulated property or income tax. Inhabitants of Stockport. Malt Duty.—For the repeal thereof. Inhabitants of Slow-on-the-Weld; and of Wellingborough. TITHEs.—For limitation of claims against moduses. Inhabitants of New Hutton; landowners of Longaleddale.


Which remain to be heard, and the days now appointed for paythaeri,pr ocho,tneasiradrerhaetairoinng.

Names of Places. Petitioners. the Petitions. 'James Hardeastle and Richard Potter )

Wigan . .. . i John Hodson Kearsley, to defend Mr. i February 15.

l. Hodson's Return

ARVyeexford De Lacy Evans and Benjamin Smi.th.....FFeebbrnivaaryry 1175.. William Hughes, and others.. ... . .. . February 15. Carlow .... Henry Cary, an:l ethers Truro f Sir.l. W. Lubbock, Bt. and W. Tookel }February ,,... • I James Bastion, and others, Burgesses I ' earuary "r* Winchilsea (Town & 1 Port)....... John

February 22. sJohn R. Deere and Henry Shirley.... .. February 17.

Oxford (City).... ....John Ingram Lockhart ..

Taunton William Peachy February 22.

Carrickfergus r W. Henderson and others, Freemen. I February 22.

February 24.

I. Lord Arthur Marcus Cecil Hill. . Dumbarton ...John Campbell Colquhoun Clare (County) .......\V. Casey and J. Fraser, Freeholders.... February 24. Galway (County).... r Arthur F. St. George, John H. Blake. 1February 24. 1 ney, and others, Freeholders Seaford .......... {James Simmons, Stephen Eves, and 1,Affaarrechh 1I.. • • others, Electors .......... ..... Linlithgow ... ..... ... William Downe Gillon • Drogheda ...... ..... Maurice O'Connell March 1. Durham

J Batman and J. Dodshon. Freemen March 3. Grantham W. Warner and T. Neale, Electors .... March 3. Hythe Fitz Roy Kelly and Willimn Frazer:— March3. Londonderry Hart. . .filarchS: . . March 8. Dover lohn John Holcomb Stockbridge

Tregony William Cosier, and others, Voters ....March 8. Mayo Diehard Gurney and Charles King.. ... Iliairreclhi1100.. Athlone ...... •1

Joseph Mac Donnell . . March 10. James Talbot

Pontefract March 15.•

Robert Torrens Petersfield Lord Porchester and John Ogle March 15.

Maidstone .1 J. Alldridge and J. Stevens. . 1 March15.

L G. Archer and S. Bartlett

Colchester • • William Mayhew .... ..March 17.

Galway (Town)... . • • Valentine Blake, and others . March 17, Liverpool John Wybergh, and others March 17. Knaresborough .... • . John Entwisle... ..... ...'... ...... March 22. Coleraine March 22.

John Thomas Thorp


Bandonbridge Lord Bernard Now Earl of Bandon. Beeralston

Lord LoVaine Now Earl of Beverley. Bletchingly ... ....... .C. Tennyson . . Clerk of the Ordnance.


The following Bills received the Royal Assent on Thursday :—Administration of Justice Bill, Colonial Acts Validity Bill; Coneolidated Fund Bill, Patents Continu- ation Bill, Regency Bill.