25 DECEMBER 1830, Page 8

Deowinsio.-Aietitenant E. B. Sutherland, of the Yorkshire Coast Blockade, was

unfortunately drowned at Saltrim on the 2nd, in an at- tempt to get off aDutch galliot, which the crew had abandoned. The vessel was struck by a sea while Lieutenant Sutherland was on board, and thrown on her beam-ends. The gallant officer clung to the mast, within sight of people on the shore, which was only about one hundred and fifty yards distant, for nearly an hour and a half ; when he was struck by a falling yard, and sunk.

FATAL Acc WENT.—Mr. Howard, a livery-stable-keeper in Jermyn Street, fell on Monday night•from a gallery that runs round the yard of the inn, after the old fashion, and into which his bedroom-door .opened. The railing was very low, and the deceased had been indulging freely during the evening.; The skull was severely injured ; and the unhappy man, after lingering: until Thursday, expired.